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In conversation with Park Hyung Sik

The South Korean super actor delves into the intricate layers of mental health and societal pressures of Korean society in "Doctor Slump" his new K-drama from SLL andavailable on Netflix

In life, experiencing a slump is an inevitable part of the journey. It's those moments when motivation dwindles, energy fades, and progress seems to come to a halt. Yet, amidst the gloom, there's a subtle power in the slump—a potential for transformation that can alter the course of events for the better.

This is where "Doctor Slump" steps into the game. This Korean drama that intricately weaves this concept into its narrative. Set against the backdrop of modern Korean society, the series follows the lives of individuals grappling with their own personal slumps—be it in their careers, relationships, or mental well-being. Park Hyung Sik, the South Korean actor known for his captivating performances on the small screen, who’s the leading character in this K-drama, continues to mesmerize audiences with his charisma and depth in portraying various characters. From romantic leads to complex individuals, Hyung Sik effortlessly brings his roles to life, leaving a lasting impression on viewers worldwide.

In "Doctor Slump," Park Hyung Sik delves into the intricate layers of mental health and societal pressures prevalent in Korean society. The drama, produced by the esteemed production house SLL, provides a poignant exploration of the challenges individuals face in balancing personal well-being with the demands of a high-level work environment.

Under the banner of SLL, known for its commitment to producing thought-provoking and socially relevant content, "Doctor Slump" takes a bold step in addressing mental health issues with sensitivity and depth. Park Hyung Sik's portrayal in the series showcases his versatility as an actor as he navigates the complexities of his character's emotional journey with finesse and authenticity. As his character navigates through his slumps, he is forced to confront his inner demons, reevaluate his priorities, and make pivotal decisions that ultimately shape his future, and what initially appeared as a period of stagnation gradually transforms into a journey of resilience, redemption, and renewal.

Through its narrative, "Doctor Slump" sheds light on the stigma surrounding mental health and the detrimental effects of societal expectations on individuals' psychological well-being. By addressing these themes head-on, the drama fosters important conversations about self-care and seeking support in a society that often values success at any cost.

Park Hyung Sik's involvement in "Doctor Slump" not only highlights his acting prowess but also underscores his commitment to projects that tackle meaningful and relevant social issues. interviewed him.

Thank you for being here with Panorama again. How have you been?

Thank you very much! I've been filming "Doctor Slump" and doing meet-and-greets, and I've been having a happy and busy time.

Last time we spoke you were wearing the robe of a crown prince of the Joseon era. Now you are wearing a doctor’s robe. Can you please tell us more about your role as Yeo Jeong-woo?

Yeo Jeong-woo grew up in a family of a successful doctor. He was always at the top of his class, athletic and popular, and thought he would become a successful plastic surgeon in the future, but a questionable medical accident left him with a debt of 10 billion won. His life takes a turn for the worst, andhe meets his childhood rival, Ha-neul, and the two naturally learn about each other's stories and help each other grow. Jeong-woo is actually a strong, upright, and selfless person who knows how to protect and love himself despite not receiving enough love from his parents. He knows how to use his positive power and has a heart for others. When he finds himself in a pile of debt, everyone turns their backs on him, but Ha-neul sticks by him because she knows who he really is, and when Jeong-woo knows Ha-neul's heart, he helps her with all his heart, and love blossoms between them.

Doctor Slump is a romantic comedy, what made you choose the script?

First of all, the themes of slumps, burnout, and depression really resonated with me because I know that a lot of people are struggling with those in modern society. I've experienced it myself, albeit not as severely, but "Doctor Slump" tackles these topics in a way that doesn't make them light or too heavy. I chose the project because I found it heartwarming, uplifting, and funny, and I hope that many others will feel the same way.

Is there anything particular that usually make you feel that a script is the right one instead of another?

I feel it when I am strangely drawn in the script and can't put it down, laughing or crying as I read it.

You are playing the role of a surgeon who fell into a slump and had to quit his job. But I’m curious: how did you prepare to play the role of a doctor, and in the detail, a popular plastic surgeon?

I visited the hospital of the doctor who advised me, observed his surgery, and watched and listened to his daily routine. I didn't base my character on a specific figure, but rather on the charm of Yeo Jeong-woo in the series.

Your partner on screen in Park Shin-hye. You previously worked together, 11 years ago, on Heirs. How was to reunite on screen?

In “The Heirs,” we didn't get a chance to work together properly, so there was a little bit of nervousness and the delight of seeing each other at the same time, but once we started shooting, we got used to each other very quickly and I think we had really good chemistry.

And how did you build your hate-love relationship on screen?

I found their school days most important for it. Jeong-woo didn't understand why Ha-neul so toiled at studying and felt sorry for her, but he couldn't lose to her either, so it became a competition between them. I thought their love-hate relationship could shine through when they met later as failed people.

Is there some fun behind the scenes you would like to share with us?

The weather was so hot during the shoot that I still have fond memories of beating the heat by making ice cream bets with the staff crew!

If you can describe yourself and your character in one word, which would it be?


Italy really loves you, did you ever had a chance to visit our country?

I didn't realize how much I was loved in Italy. It's amazing, and I would love to visit Italy. I hope I get the chance! Thank you for all the support and love from afar. Love you guys!

1One last question: who is Park Hyung Sik now and what do we need to expect from him in the next 12 months?

Right now, I feel like a marathon runner, running at my own pace. I don't know how far I have left to go, but I'm still going to run. The support and love from my fans are like a sip of water to keep me going and a towel to wipe my sweat. I hope you will continue to love “Doctor Slump” until the end because it’s not over yet. And I will come back with another work. Please give me a lot of support! Thank you!

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