EU and Immigrants, an Italian proposal
EU and Immigrants, an Italian proposal

EU and Immigrants, an Italian proposal

In a context of global fear and need for protection of national borders, Paolo Lepri calls for “protection without destruction”

At a time in which welcoming immigrants has become an emergency, Paolo Lepri - journalist for the Italian daily Corriere della Sera - warns about the risks of carrying out excessive or inadequate forms of protection.

Although, when the terror alarm is a daily routine to deal with, intertwined with the great wave of migration Europe is facing, it is easy to become suspicious and protectionist. But the problem, as highlighted by Mr Lepri, is that this trend to protect might endanger the ideals and achievements the European Union (EU) has proudly pursued so far.

The EU's citizens should realize that it is not possible to go back to the isolated nation states, also bearing in mind that the spread "control hysteria" is the fruit of a war whose protagonists are still in the shade.

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