“Green cuisine” promoted by the Italian chef Giuseppe D’Aquino

“Green cuisine” promoted by the Italian chef Giuseppe D’Aquino

His sustainable menu “Respect” available at the Oseleta Restaurant near Verona

More and more often we hear speaking about sustainable economy, business and architecture. Hence, no wonder at all for the "green Chef" Giuseppe D'Aquino'slast eco-friendly creation is a special menu called Rispetto ("Respect" in English). The latter is made up of four courses and it stands out as an innovative sustainable menu, whose ingredients were carefully selected in order to reduce at most the environmental impact. As a matter of fact, the menu components were all grown with eco-friendly techniques and transformed using traditional techniques.

Mouth-watering dishes are the great protagonists of the menu, such as amberjack with goat cheese, celery sorbet and tomato and spaghetti with tomato sauce, burrata and lemon zest.

The chosen recipes were carefully assessed by the company Cloros, which measured carbon water footprint of each dish, having a very ambitious goal proudly promoted by Chef D'Aquino. In fact, his desire is the one of neutralizing the environmental impact of the menu, not only to reduce it. To do so, he aims at buying a corresponding VER (Voluntary Emission Reduction) credits deriving from the accomplishment of projects having compensation certificates, satisfying international standard.

Mr. D'Aquino is a well-known name within the hospitality sector. He was awarded with the Michelin star in 2013. Despite his studies as an industrial technician, he decided to make cooking his main activity, achieving remarkable success worldwide. His international experiences in Paris, London, Dubai, Los Angeles enriched him personally as well as professionally. His passion for environment protection is shared through his fine recipes, which he decided to display in Italy, working for the prestigious Oseleta restaurant.

The "Respect Menu" is available at the restaurant Oseleta of Villa Cordevigo in Verona for 75? per person. Gourmand guests willing to try this "green cuisine" should not waste time but go and enjoy this unique menu.

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