Why Milan is the only world design capital
Why Milan is the only world design capital
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Why Milan is the only world design capital

How this beautiful city has become the icon of Italian style

The Hong Kong dailySouth China Morning Post recently published an interesting article describing the Italian city of Milan as a must-see destination for design lovers.

According to the author, Milan is an icon for design, quality and innovation not only during the week of the renowned Salone Internazionale del Mobile, rather for 365 days a year. "Concept design spaces" combining distinctly Italian takes on contemporary fashion with avant-garde furniture and interior accessories are growing very fast, and are becoming the favourite destination for shoppers interested in experience something unique. Unusual pieces of design, magic atmospheres, creative salespersons, are not only a powerful cocktail for success, but they also transform Milan in a city where no matter how often you visit will always be able to offer something new.

According to Stefano Casciani, the author of "The Long Life of Design in Italy - B&B Italia: 50 Years and Beyond", Milan "has visibly improved its value as a world design capital. Now the international design audience can come to Milan all year long and plunge into a sea of exciting contradictions through publications, places, people and entertainment: the only fruitful seeds for a design culture constantly evolving itself."

This is good for tourism, but is also raising the prestige of this too often neglected northern city, which for years has done its best to emerge as Italy innovative fashion and design hub. And all tourists that used to visit Rome, Florence and Venice when travelling to Italy for the first time convinced that Milan had nothing to offer beyond a comfortable spot for landing, will probably have to come back to visit this emerging cradle of Italian style. Or change their confirmed itineraries if they still have the chance to do so.

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