Italy welcomes new exclusive restaurants
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Italy welcomes new exclusive restaurants

From Turin to Rome luxurious openings spread along 2016

2016 will be characterized by a number of new openings, several concerning new luxurious restaurants and Italy plays a pivotal role in hosting new restaurants across the nation.

Milan will be the host city of Carlo Cracco's place. Masterchef's judge will locate his business at the old Mercedes-Benz store. The restaurant will be very exclusive: 50 seats and two private halls facing the Ottagono. The second floor will be devoted to events.

In the same city, Besame Mucho has already opened up at the beginning of January. Specialized in Mexican cuisine, the restaurants employs 30 Mexican chefs and additionally offers a taqueria and a cocktail bar.

At the end of the present year, Turin will host the new restaurant of the famous chef Ferran Adrià and Lavazza. Its menu will have the supervision of Slow Food as well. In the same city, the Intesa San Paolo Skyscraper will be the location of another luxurious restaurant, whose chefs are still mysterious.

Cracco's colleague, Bruno Barbieri came back home after London with a new place in Bologna, specialized in regional cuisine. The formula will be firstly implemented in loco and then exported to other cities, such as Miami.

Florence will be the host city of a new exclusive Japanese restaurant, i.e. Koto Ramen. The chef Shoji Minamihara has worked in Italy for a long time and has enriched the menu with 5 kinds of ramen, along with the Mongolian shabu shabu.

Finally, Rome will host four haute-cuisine restaurants, i.e. Zuma, Sbanco, All'Oro and Nautilus.The first one, located in the prestigious Palazzo Fendi, is shaped on the Japanese style. The second one is a new pizzeria having a 320 meters space to welcome its clients, while the third one will be not far by Piazza Del Popolo and about to open in February. Lastly, Nautilus will open in spring, sponsored by the awarded chef Daniele Usai.

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