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Italy: breathtaking experiences in nature

From Sardinia to Sicily, passing through Umbria and Lombardy

If you are looking for nature, Italy would be a surprising holiday destination.

If you are visiting Pompeii, a Vesuvius tour is not to be missed. You can take part in an excursion admiring the greatness of the Vesuvius crater and the splendid panoramic views.

The National Park of the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu, in Sardinia, is also a must-see destination. From the mountains to the sea, this park is one of the most spectacular destinations in Sardinia, with itineraries ideal for trekking and mountain bike excursions. “Immense landscapes, which are wonderful and never the same, like an enormous mosaic: inaccessible peaks, green pastures, plateaus, canyons, centuries-old forests, sheer cliffs overlooking crystal clear waters, caves and beaches”: here is what Sardinia can guarantee.

The beauty of Sicilian countryside and coast offers many different views and opportunities to live a unique open air experience such as trekking and various types of sport. An ideal itinerary would run from inland to the sea, starting at the Natural Reservation and its famous sand dunes, at the mouth of the Belice River. The Magaggiaro forest at Montevago with its impressive oak trees, can provide an ideal location to relaxing open-air.

Cingoli is the perfect destination for admiring an extraordinary view. From a wide terrace, on the medieval walls of tracks, you can enjoy the charming view of a large part of the territory of the Marche region. Cingoli is indeed known as "Marche's balcony" for its breath-taking scenic views and enchanting position.

Visiting the Jungle Raider Park in Bergamo, Milan, is an alternative way to explore nature. The Jungle Raider Park is an adventure and amusement park built in the trees. Not far from Milan, it offers a good opportunity to combine fun and physical exercise with the surrounding woods.

Finally, the Lake Trasimeno, in the Umbria region, area also offers inspiring and evocative views and adventures. As well as breath-taking vistas and traditional stories and flavours, you will be able to enjoy all the best of an outdoor holiday: sports enthusiasts, especially trekking and mountain bike lovers, won't be disappointed.

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