How to plan a regenerating holiday in Valle d'Aosta
How to plan a regenerating holiday in Valle d'Aosta
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How to plan a regenerating holiday in Valle d'Aosta

Beautiful sceneries, mountain biking and typical food

Valle d'Aosta is the perfect destination for nature lovers. It counts over 200 lakes and two National Parks: the Gran Paradiso is the most ancient in Italy and covers 70thousand hectares of land. Here, it is very common to stumble across wild animals, such as the steinbock, symbol of the park or the marmot; spotting chamois is more rare. In Mont Avic National Park you can walk in the largest hooked pine forest and choose to do the tour of the Chapdepraz Lakes, a two-day circular itinerary that allows you to see most of the lakes in the Chalamy Valley.

Trekking in Valle d'Aosta is another regenerating experience: it entails immersing oneself in magical sceneries while doing some physical exercise. The trekking routs range from easy and short daily routs to more challenging ones that require hiking and overnighting in some mountain dews. The region hosts the highest peak summits in Europe: Monte Rosa, Cervino and Monte Bianco. By taking take the "Giants' Way", you can cross all of them.

Val d'Aosta is also a fun destination for mountain biking lovers. Recently, more and more tourists choose to explore this region on their e-bikes, with electric propulsion to assist pedalling. Amongst the most chosen destinations for this kind of tourism is the Cogne Valley, where a rich network of trails is present. The ideal itinerary is a 20km bike ride, approximately two hours, that traces the classic cross-country skiing track, the march of Gran Paradiso.

To conclude, after a day full of activities, the time comes to taste some of the best typical products of the region, such as cheese and wine. The famous Bleu d'Aoste fondue is one of the most known dishes served with a mould of leeks. Also, you can taste the typical Carbonade, a succulent meat dish served with polenta.

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