The Italian iDrone franchising
The Italian iDrone franchising
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The Italian iDrone franchising

Luigi Contin successful entrepreneurial story

The drone industry in Italy is becoming more and more popular, with new products coming out regularly. Drones have become a useful object for diverse purposes, such as civil or commercial ones and no one has ever thought about creating a franchising.

This idea crossed the mind of the Italian entrepreneur Luigi Contin, creator of the brand iDroni. In order to sponsor his idea, he took part in the "Franchising and Retail Fair", recently held in Bologna. He launched the first drone affiliation network in Italy, opening the first shop in May 2015. He worked really hard to get the authorizations needed - against all procedural obstacles - and he is now able to lead the franchising project. In the partner shops, it is possible to find toy drones, SAPR (professional drones) and also training courses to become pilots, along with trendy gadgets, such as t-shirts and hats.

Mr. Contin has highlighted how complicated the drone world is: "International authorities will soon have to implement new regulations". In fact, on the one hand, people enjoy drones for different purposes, like taking pictures at the Colosseum or Milano Duomo. On the other hand, new laws should be introduced to safeguard civilian and military flights and other air activities.

As stressed by Mr. Contin, some people argue "drones will become a personal object, like smartphones, always present in the life of people who want to be interconnected and online". In this difficult economic moment, one should invent something to protect the business he runs and this is what Mr. Contino has done. Formally selling phones, Mr. Contino has launched a new bright idea, which has already been supported by three shops. The goal to be achieved by the end of 2016 is to have 15 partner shops throughout Italy, from north to south.

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