The 6 Italian Apps Apple loves
The 6 Italian Apps Apple loves
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The 6 Italian Apps Apple loves

The IT giant expresses its appreciation for Italian inventions for iDevices

As discovered by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, in its 2015 report, the American colossus Apple has expressed its appreciation for a number of Italian apps for iPhone and iPad. Among them, Quokky organizes all the documents with a deadline - such as bills and fines - alerting the user when it is time to proceed with the payment, avoiding any lapse of memory. Developed by a team of young researchers from a startup in Udine, the App is now available either in its free or premium version with unlimited archiving space.

Also Sellf was extremely appreciated by the informatics giant. It is a sort of business personal trainer for professionals. Three nerds from Veneto created this app, allowing the users not to neglect the planned goals and the steps to achieve them. Sellf also registers contacts and keeps trace of the meetings.

Autovelox was developed by a team of Apulian engineers. It is very useful to identify stable and mobile autovelox real time, with constant updates every two weeks. In the premium version, the users will also find dangerous roads, the monitored traffic lights and the overtaking meters.

LoveTheSign was launched in 2014 in Milan and now exported across the European Union and in the USA as well. It is an e-commerce platform where it is possible to purchase 20.000 items thanks to the commercialization of 1.200 brands.

Miximal, founded by a designer from Bolzano, consists of a game children can play with, creating animals. Little users can mix real names and features with invented ones. On the screen, children see heads, bodies and paws while a voice tells the single names.

Lastly, Musement is already well-known as the personal concierge one would love to travel with. It was launched in 2013 in Milan and today it works for 350 destinations all over the world. Thanks to its success, the app obtained a 5 million Euros venture capital funding to expand its business.

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