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Innovative ideas to improve eggs production and distribution

Seed&Chips – the Global Food Innovation Summit is one of the most relevant events in Food Innovation devoted to the promotion of technologically advanced solutions and talents.

In partnership with Coop (the largest Italian consumer cooperative with 8 million members, 55,000 employees, and 1400 stores in 16 regions of the country) and IBM (global leader in innovation for businesses and institutions), Seed&Chips has launched "Great Eggspectations!" the call for ideas particularly conceived for the eggs supply chain and the criteria of the blockchain.

The new challenges and threats affecting eggs throughout Europe worked as new stimuli for the adoption of new principles of responsibility and transparency concerning both egg production and distribution.

The blockchain is opening a new world of opportunities which will offer a sustainable competitive advantage for each sector and supply chain. The aim of the call has been the one of researching new methods and strategies to better secure information on what we purchase and then put on our tables. For this reason, the ideas participating in the call will be focused in identifying the best solutions with blockchain technology in the following fields: monitoring of the distribution chain, agriculture, traceability, retail innovation, big data, precision monitoring.

Great Eggspectation has attracted a great number of projects, startups, universities and research centres and it is now in the process of selecting the best and innovative ideas concerning egg production. All projects have been divided in the following cathegories: large scale retail, local markets and integrated systems.

The winner will have the chance to develop its project with Coop using the great variety of services sponsored by IBM (Watson IoT, Blockchain and Cognitive Computing) with a credit of 120.000 Euros. The winner will be announced on September the 30th.

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