A new app to book a taxi in Italy
A new app to book a taxi in Italy
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A new app to book a taxi in Italy

The Italian app is now available in more than 40 cities

IT Taxi is a free App connecting taxi drivers and customers throughout Italy. The new service allows users to book and pay a taxi from their smartphones, as well as to rate the quality of the service received and to add a particular taxi to the unwanted list, in order to exclude it from future searches.

IT Taxi is part of a wider innovative project supported by the Italian public transport industry aimed at making travel easier and more convenient fo both local people and tourists, as well as to make fares more transparent, in full compliance with local laws. With a strong focus on passengers safety and the quality of the travel experience, the app connects users to more than 10,000 taxi drivers in Italy, in big and small cities.

After registering to the service, in a few simple steps IT Taxi identifies the user's position thanks to geolocation and send the request directly to the Radiotaxi Central. The integration with Google Places let users select a specific point of interest as a pick up point. In few seconds a notification will provide the initials of the car and the time of arrival. Further, the app offer the chance to select the characteristics of both car and driver upon request; get instant updates of the request status; cancel the reservation; and pay with a PayPal Account receiving email receipts automatically.

The App has been so successfull so far that a new Business Service has been launched. "Business customers" offers employees and customers the opportunity to enjoy the ride without having to worry about instant payment. Indeed, IT Taxi allows companies to pay the fare by charging the cost on their business account, where they can check real-time payments, ran the remaining residue, and receive an invoice at the end of the month.

IT Taxi is now available in Italian, English and German and can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.

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