Matteo Renzi, English and Investments
Matteo Renzi, English and Investments

Matteo Renzi, English and Investments

Here is how the Italian Premier is planning to attract more FDIs using English (translations)

While continuing his crusade simplify labour-market rules, the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi recently announced his intention to incentivize a massive translation of business-related documents into English. According to him, translations will certainly favour the flow of foreign direct investments into Italy while keeping non-Italian speaking entrepreneurs out of troubles.

"Changes to the labour market in recent years have created more bureaucracy and haven't resolved problems," Renzi said. "We have 2,100 articles regulating the labour market in Italy, so it's normal you always end up in court. Now we're planning a labour code with only 50 or 60 articles, written also in very clear English for investors." In case he will succeed, the international business community will certainly thank him.

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