How Nestle' made school-to-work-apprenticeships successfull, in Italy
How Nestle' made school-to-work-apprenticeships successfull, in Italy

How Nestle' made school-to-work-apprenticeships successfull, in Italy

An interesting experience to get a real insight into the job market from a corporate perspective

Nestlé - one of the top-5 best companies according to the International Happy Trainees - has set up specific training programs devoted to students, tailoring its offering on the students' needs and their educational pathways.

In 2017, more than 1.000 students were welcomed in Nestlé branches throughout Italy and in its headquarters in Assago. School-to-work-apprenticeships were devoted to both high school and trade school students going to Nestlé-sponsored Open Days and structured programs lasting up to three weeks. The sessions were led by Nestlé personnel, made up of experts sharing their know-how with students who prepared young people to face the job market. Therefore, Nestlé's offering was useful to both train and inform young students through the presentation of business cases, the corporate organization and specific sessions devoted to group-activities.

Also this year, with the school-to-work-apprenticeships, Nestlé took part in the European Vocational Skills (November 20-24) organized by the European Commission to promote education and high quality professional training. Furthermore, Nestlé school-to-work-apprenticeships taking place in Italy represented a remarkable global commitment in favour of youth occupation leading the company to the creation of Nestlé Youth in 2014. This is the first initiative at the European level sponsored by a private company to widen, encourage and develop the possibility of employment for European young workers.

Nestlé's strong commitment in favour of young people led the company to create a real alliance with its commercial partners, known as Alliance for Youth. Through this alliance and its 200 partner companies, Nestlé was able to create 90.000 job vacancies over the last year in Europe and 3.300 in Italy.

Finally, many young students shared their experience once they completed their training in Nestlé, stressing the importance of this experience as "a great stage our work carrier...we learnt what working in a company means and the importance of respecting deadlines while working with other people in a team". All of the interviewees agreed on the relevance of this experience in Nestlé as a real insight into the job market from a corporate perspective.

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