Cibus 2014, a new gathering proving Italian food global success
Cibus 2014, a new gathering proving Italian food global success

Cibus 2014, a new gathering proving Italian food global success

Italian producers and foreign retailers will be meeting in Parma to explore new business opportunities

With one in five 'Made in Italy' food products sold abroad, and almost 40% of the country's food businesses currently operating on foreign markets, the Italian food market is confirming its great potential even during a time of deep global crisis.

In 2013, Italian food exports grew by 6.5% over the previous year, with 62.5% going to other European markets, 10.6% to the US, 1.8% to Latin America, 1.5% to Australia, 1.7% to the Middle East, 5.3% to Asia and 0.7% to Southeast Asia.

This is the encouraging scenario in which the leading Italian food fair Cibus will take place next year, in Parma, from the 5th to the 8th of May. This prestigious fair is organized by the Italian food-and-drink industry association Federalimentare and Parma Fairs, and it is aimed at supporting and strengthening national companies projections into foreign markets helping them to connect with foreign buyers and operators.

Parma Fairs CEO Antonio Cellie believes that Italy should "capitalize on [its] distinctive skills by forging alliances with leading operators in our target markets". Indeed, it should be highlighted that thanks to its activism in creating alliances with foreign partners, Cibus has successfully convinced countries from any region in the world about how useful and interesting it would be for them to join this Italian food event.

During its 2014 edition, Cibus will host the award to foreign wholesalers that best promoted food made in Italy, and the awarding ceremony will be associated to a workshop discussing the most promising markets for Italian products in the near future.

Another workshop titled "Increasing sales" will introduce caterers and retailers active in duty free and travel areas, while "Cibus Retail" will be aimed at further promoting traditional food retail, with Lekkerland, the leading multinational distributor of confectionery, drinks and impulse products in Italy that is sponsoring the section, showcasing "new concepts of the ideal shop and the ideal assortment".

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