DreamNote spoke about their last album «Dreams Alive»

DreamNote spoke about their last album «Dreams Alive»

Exploring their new charm and distancing themselves from the girly portrayal of a female idol can be a risky business. But not for Dream Note. The group, composed by Sumin, Eunjo, Lara, Miso, Youi and Boni, chose to show its own colors in «Ghost», the title track of their last album «Dreams Alive». Pages (DreamNote’s fandom name) were not disappointed. These six girls showed they can easily step out of their comfort zone and step up their game whenever they want.

Panorama.it interviewed them in exclusive.

Girls, can you please introduce yourself to Panorama’s readers?

Youi: Hi, this is Youi, the leader of DreamNote!

Boni: Hi, this is Boni, the eldest of DreamNote! I’m back with a new short hair~

Lara: Hi, this is Lara, the main vocalist of DreamNote!

Miso: Hi, this is Miso, the main vocalist of DreamNote!

Sumin: Hi, this is Sumin from DreamNote!

Eunjo: Hi, this is Eunjo, the youngest member of DreamNote!

Let’s talk about «Dreams Alive». If you could describe it with just one word, which would it be?

Miso: A musical masterpiece!

This is your fourth single album; how would you describe the road that took you to this point?

Boni: It may have been a long time. We could go through the hiatus well thanks to our Pages. Our teamwork has become more solid, and we could show constant progress for each album. DreamNote will keep improving- please look forward to it, and keep an eye on us!

Your title track is named GHOST. Can you explain it to us?

Sumin: GHOST is a occult thriller themed song, telling a story that the new spirit hidden inside a girl gets awakened by a full moon!

Sumin, you are part of a drama called “Your Playlist”. How did you manage to prepare for this comeback and work on the Web drama too?

Sumin: Luckily, the preparation for comeback kicked off when the drama shoot was over. Therefore, I could focus both on drama shoot and comeback preparation!

Do you have any role models in the industry?

Lara: I look up to BTS! They always come up with diverse concepts and performances. I also respect their teamwork, and their globally recognized music!

You celebrated your third anniversary. Who are you now?

Eunjo: During my debut days, I was anxious about everything. I used to be very strict to myself as I wanted to do an excellent job. I blamed myself a lot, and was never tolerant for my mistakes. Now, I have my own flexible rules, and try not to be harsh on myself. I try to move on and concentrate more on myself.

If you were to give any advice to a trainee ready to debut, which would it be?

Youi: I want to tell you, it is amazing that you’ve got a dream and you keep trying to reach it. As advice, you should take care of your health! It will be so sad if your body falls into a bad state and gets in the way of your dream. Stay healthy!

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