«Right Through Me»: the 2nd mini-album of DAY6 Even of Day talks about the complexity of love

«Right Through Me»: the 2nd mini-album of DAY6 Even of Day talks about the complexity of love

There is a song for every stage of love. When you are enamored, you start dating, the first quarrels, and aver the breakups have a soundtrack. DAY6 Even of Day, with their new mini-album «Right Through Me», talked freely to the heart of the My Day. The first DAY6 subunit, formed by keyboardist WONPIL, drummer DOWOON, and bassist Young K (who newly plays the guitar for this album!), has created a small but precious gem with their new mini-album. In this EP, they can synthesize all the stages of love, from the feelings of joy to the one of sadness, passing through wistfulness and deep introspection. While they've built their own color through synth-pop sounds for the previous album, for this EP, they actively used the guitar to expand the sound and by showing, thanks to their lyrics, a matured aspect of their life.

Panorama talked with them in an exclusive interview after the release of the album, which includes the new single of the group «Right Through Me», a song that is both nostalgic and timeless that pulls sounds from retro Korean ballads, with a touch of jazz, and Nineties East Coast hip-hop.

First of all, thank you guys for making time for us. The Italian My Day are really excited about your new mini-album. Can you tell us what we should expect from it?

DOWOON: When listening to the album as a listener, I felt that our hyungs ("hyungs" refers to Young K and WONPIL, as DOWOON is the youngest one of them. "Hyung" is Korean and means older brother) made the songs considering live stages. It has big loud sounds and is easy to sing along. I hope you stay tuned because it has songs that we can sing and enjoy together with the fans on stage.

The album is like walking the path of life. Love, despair, reborn. All mixed with powerful lyrics and music. Who are Even of Day now?

Young K: I think it depends on one's perspective. Just like how each person feels differently when they see an art piece, we just try to make good music and if the listeners can find their own meaning through it, I think that would make me happy.

WONPIL: I want to send a message of hope to the listeners through the music.

Let's talk about the songs, starting with the title track «Right Through Me». There is a lot of work in the composition of this song. The 90's hip hop vibes, the jazzy code... Can you tell us more about this song and its meaning?

WONPIL: «Right Through Me» has many different elements, like pop and jazz. It's a mixture of many different things. It's not like we wanted to do certain genres, but it naturally ended up like that because we wanted to do something with a vintage vibe.

Young K: We put in different things to see what works then put it together so as it goes well with what we're doing. We then write the lyrics to that and naturally the song becomes one that suits us.

In «WALK», you did a great job playing with the lyrics. Part A is past, part B is present, and the chorus is future. Do you think this will help My Day walking through the daily challenges with an easier heart?

WONPIL: The song «WALK» was a great help to me as well personally. Just like how the chorus goes, it's not like I can avoid hardships. As we've endured hardships that have happened in our lives so far, I hope we do the same with what's yet to come. And just like how this song helped me through hardships, I hope it will do the same for My Days.

«Home Alone» is a perfect song to soothe a broken heart. And not only a lover can break your heart. Have you never experienced this kind of pain before? How did you overcome it?

WONPIL: I think listening to "WALK" will help me cope.

Young K: As it says in "WALK", we've all had our fair share of hardships in our lives. However, there were many happy moments too. We've always endured those times so I hope we rise above it all just like we always have.

«All the things you wanted» and «From the ending of a tragedy» are like the incipit and the ending of a book. Also, the rhythm tells the differences between the feelings you want to convey. Then, in «WE» there is something like a happy ending. Is this your way to write something like a timeline to guide My Day through their lives?

Young K: It depends on the album actually. Our last album «Gluon» had a set timeline and from tracks 1 to 7 we had a story that progresses throughout, but this one doesn't have one necessarily. We just wanted to write good songs and the "timeline" kind of follow-through. I'm glad that it seemed that way.

«LOVE PARADE» is a hymn to rejoice and live life fully. Can we think of it as the anthem of the new life post-pandemic?

WONPIL: I think that makes sense. Our intention of the song was the last chorus, «All love is called the same but they have different shapes», so there are various forms of love in the world, and we hope that the world would be a safe space for us to express it freely.

Young K: This song is the last track of the album, and just like the last line of the song that goes «The festival's begun», even after you're done listening to our album we hope you go on living full of love.

Young K's father once said to him something really wise: «life is like a shoelace: they are bound to be untied, just like how humans change their minds after three days. It's how often you tie those shoelaces that matters». In a world that stopped due to Covid-19, our ties got loose. What do you think we should do to retie the laces and go on with our lives?

Young K: I wish we always keep in mind that «You can retie the shoelaces anytime». I hope you don't get discouraged and stop whatever you're doing to reach your goal. The moment you tell yourself that you can tie the laces up again you can get up and move forward.

I was in Milan at your concert as DAY6. Can you send a message to your Italian fans?

WONPIL: I look back to the time when we went to Italy and performed. I have a lot of good memories there. We can't perform in front of My Days right now because of the pandemic but I hope it passes soon and we can do it again!

DOWOON: I hope everybody stays happy and healthy. Let's all meet soon!

Young K: I hope your days are always filled with laughter till the day we meet again!

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