Pasini, deluxe salamis from Lombardy
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Pasini, deluxe salamis from Lombardy
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Pasini, deluxe salamis from Lombardy

Cured meats, the way they used to be. The challenge of returning to the flavors and aromas of the past has been launched by three young entrepreneurs from Lombardy with a penchant for culinary excellence and the enthusiasm of those determined to do things right. In Trezzano sul Naviglio, an area in Lombardy with centuries-old farmhouses, they have just created the new line of Salumi Pasini which offers pressed pancetta steccata, bacon, country-style salami, mini picnic salamis and cotechino pork sausage. Their goal is to amaze even the most demanding palates through the use of slow preparation methods, the meticulous selection of ingredients (all rigorously of Italian origin) and, above all, the age-old artisan skill of the best in country traditions. For example, in the Salumi Pasini facilities, each cut of pancetta is massaged by hand, like it was in the “good old days”. “Each step in the process of creating our cold cuts follows the slow, careful motions of those who have gone before us and have taught us the best methods from the past,” says Andrea Pasini, sales manager for the new company (at right in the picture).

Together with Filippo (production manager) and Daniela (manager of the brand’s image), he is one of the leaders of the new project. The three of them are cousins and they got their start in the family business, Smapp, founded 60 years ago by their grandfather. The company name is known for quality and for years has been supplying the best restaurants in Italy. “Now it’s up to us to bring new ideas and values to what has been our family’s past,” says Andrea. Their assiduousness can be seen in their attention to the smallest detail of the luxury packaging and in their website designed to tell people about their products and sell them online.

And they have already reaped their first major success: their idea to renew the traditional values of rural Lombardy sparked the interest of Davide Oldani, super-star chef who also promotes culinary innovation. From the meeting of Oldani and Salumi Pasini, a starred collection has been born. 

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