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Artland joins Italy

The new and most popular art platform is now available in the Bel Paese

The art app Artlandhas eventually entered Italy with new grants, which will support the development of art galleries and collectors.

Artland – founded in 2016 by the Danish brothers Mattis and Jeppe Curth - represents today the most important platform for art protagonists in the world. On the one hand, Artland gives the chance to art collectors to create a database with their collections; on the other hand, the app works as a community where users can interact with other collectors and galleries and where a number new talented artists can display their works of art.

Artland will make the Italian art world even more dynamic, with new sponsored events and activities for its users, but also with magazines and by introducing new talents into the market and connecting them with professionals all over the world.

Galleries need to pay to be part of Artland but they receive the enormous advantage of being connected with countless art collectors. In so doing, the gallery acquires great visibility both at the national and international level.

1 million dollars has already been collected by a group of donors including sport celebrities (such as Mikkel Hansen and Andreas Helgstrand), musicians (Shaka Loveless), art experts and lovers, like Jens-Peter Brask.

Among the new investors, Mikkel Hansen is fascinated by the idea of creating an artistic community able to make the art world more and more open to new actors. This wish is motivated by the difficulties encountered by newbies when they want to buy some works of art. For instance, it is generally very challenging to find information about the artist. Hansen's desire is therefore the one of making this world more transparent and welcoming for new art collectors and experts. Artland grows and expands day after day, counting at present tens of thousands users.

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