Italy pushing for sustainability and innovation
Italy pushing for sustainability and innovation
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Italy pushing for sustainability and innovation

Carlsberg Italia, Eni, Brebey and Ikea wan Premio Impresa Ambiente

The Chamber of Commerce in Rome has organized together with the Minister of the Environment the seventh edition of Premio Impresa Ambiente (Award Entreprise Environment). The event has a well-defined mission: awarding Italian enterprises that stood out in innovating production processes and in stimulating their customers to purchase more environmental friendly products.

"The high participation rate testifies Italian companies' growing awareness on the importance of engaging in sustainable processes", states Minister of the Environment Gian Luca Galletti. Amongst the 228 applications, the jury has selected four companies to be awarded in the following categories: 1) best management, 2) best product, 3) best processes/technology and 4) best international cooperation.

1) The Italian division of the notorious Carlsberg Inc. has been recognized for its project "DraughtMaster - Innovation and revolution in beer on draft". They developed new kegs made of recyclable materials. The good conservation of the beer is improved and the environmental impact is significantly reduced with respect to using the classical steel kegs.

2) Eni Inc. has wan for the project "Enjoy - car sharing". The innovation of this service lies in allowing users to get the car in one spot and leave it in a different one within the delineated area. The whole idea is based on an app that spots through a GPS system the vehicle, which makes this system is paperless.

3) Brebey Cooperative Company has developed an insulating panel with sheep wool. To produce it, they use innovative technologies that produce a product of excellent insulating and soundproof quality.

4) Ikea Italia Inc. has been conducting the project "Farming Field School" together with WWF for eight years now. They train local farmers to use the innovative technique named Better Cotton, which make the plantations more profitable and more sustainable, by using fewer fertilizers.

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