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Italian success in circular fashion

"Save waste from waste": praising Schmid’s best practices in partnership with Carmina Campus

Schmid – the Milan-based company in the production of fabrics for shoes and bags for the most important brands in the world – has recently signed a collaboration with Carmina Campus.

This agreement is meant to introduce new accessors in the collection fall/winter 2018/2019 which will be made with waste deriving from Schmid past collections. It is a fact that a great number of inventories, samples, old-fashioned materials and fabrics characterizes the storages of many companies. Ilaria Venturini Fendi – from Carmina Campus - had the great idea of converting the waste into something useful for new production. This sustainable philosophy is known as "save waste from waste" and considers the waste as a precious material to create something new.

The collaboration between Schmid and Carmina Campus started two years ago and confirmed Schmid's commitment in circular fashion and recycling, sponsoring a more sustainable kind of fashion that is considered about the environment.

Every single item launched by Carmina Campus with Schmid materials – being a small or a big bag, Hobo or Postine – is unique just as like as the waste coming back to life in the shopping windows. Some examples concern the vinyl materials recalling pop art in 1950s, refined in leather, which are transformed in mini clutches. The same clutches can be transformed in extra-large bags for the daytime.

Schmid is also a great example of best practices socially impacting. Its production line "Made in Prison" involves the work of people working for social co-ops in some female Italian prisons who are gathered under the label "Socially MadeinItaly".

Another remarkable project deriving from the partnership between Ilaria Venturini Fendi and Schmid – always involving "circular fashion" –  also includes San Vittore Haute Couture and aims at teaching the art of tailoring to inmates in order to facilitate social rehabilitation.

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