Valdobbiadene Black Label
Masi Agricola
Valdobbiadene Black Label
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Canevel enters the duty free market with the new Brut "Black Label"

A new bottle to enhance Made in Italy's presence abroad

Canevel Spumanti S.p.A – one of Valdobbiadene Prosecco wineries known for its premium sparkling wines - has launched its new Brut "Black Label". This product was specifically conceived for duty free market in partnership with Masi Agricola, leading producer of Amarone.

This new bottle is characterized by an elegant black label and it is the outcome of an accurate sparkling process conducted through the Charmat method, which is characterized by a prolonged contact with yeasts. This new bottle will be initially available at the International airport of Oslo, where the brand Masi is already highly appreciated.

Federico Girotto – Masi and Canevel CEO – has recently commented on the new product, stressing the Masi's consolidated position within the duty free market, which represents an essential channel to give international visibility to selected products.

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