A new Italian yacht is on the market
A new Italian yacht is on the market
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A new Italian yacht is on the market

Six models have been sold before their official launch

Sanlorenzo boatyard was founded in 1958 and over the years it has gained the reputation to be top quality level and reliable, an icon of elegance and style. This current year, Sanlorenzo has launched a new yacht model: "O", the first S-displacement (SD) unit to be 112 feet (33.6 meters) long.

The SD112 takes the best aspects of the SD92 (28 meters) and the SD122 (38 meters) and increases the volume of the historical Sanlorenzo SD line range of products. Even before the official launch of "O", six units have been sold. This clearly testifies the great balance achieved in terms of quality, performance and design by Sanlorenzo experts. Also, three new hulls are already on their way, providing Sanlorenzo with a great perspective for the future of SD112.

Though maintaining the traditional features of the SD line, SD112 presents new innovative features. It has maintained the curve shaped doors on the sides and the lateral window shapes. A new feature present on the yacht is a foldable terrace in the salon area that opens seawards. The superstructure includes three decks, however, thanks to a series of design tricks, the line remains as slim as that of a two-deck yacht.

"O"'s interior design are completely customized. Every customer can choose their own design according to their preferences. Sanlorenzo cooperates with prestigious Made in Italy brands, like Edra, Minotti and Paola Lenti sofas, Enzo degli Angioni fabrics and Penelope Oggi leathers to offer their customers the best quality on board.

The know-how gained in the over 50 years of experience place Sanlorenzo amongst the top yacht builders in the world. According to the Global Order Book 2014, an annual report showing updated data about the luxury yacht industry, Sanlorenzo is the second best shipyard in the world to build yacht over 24 meters.

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