PIXY's are fairies from another dimension ready to conquer the K-pop industry with their voices

PIXY's are fairies from another dimension ready to conquer the K-pop industry with their voices

Born from the idea of Wingless angels and a world where good & evil co-exists, Pixy refers to fairies from British myth. They can play childish tricks but they can also amaze people with their glamorous and strong attraction. Divided between good and evil, Pixy charm listeners while switching between good and evil with music. Pixy is a six members group born under ALLART Entertainment and managed by Happy Tribe Entertainment. The girls, Ella, Lola, Satbyeol, Dia, Sua, and Dajeong, stuns everyone with their charm that looks like from another world.

Panorama.it had an exclusive interview with them.

Girls welcome back. TEMPTATION is the third chapter of your forest series started with WINGS and Bravery. At what point of the story we are now?

Before we showed the start of the journey to look for our wings and we continued to show that journey. However now the story shows that we have been lured by a witch and have betrayed each other and separated.

With your music, you explore a few unique concepts like witchcraft. And your concept and name too are like part of a fantasy book. Who are PIXY in the music industry?

So our group shows that we are being lured and also luring people into both the light and the dark. However the group PIXY also means that we will eventually be an influence of the 'light'.

Let's talk about your new album and the tracklist. Can you tell us more about the concepts behind these songs?

In our last album we showed the separation of the light and dark due to the witch's lure. However with our album 'temptation' we are showing the birth of the light and dark.

Which track is your favorite?

Dia - I personally liked Bewitched because it's my type of music so I feel most attracted by it!
Lola - There is a song 'Still with me' in our mini-album Temptation. I feel a strong fondness for it as the song is dedicated to our WINXYs.
Sua - I like 'Still with me' the most. When I think of WINXYs, I gain energy and feel happy!
Satbyeol - I also like 'Still with me' the most. It is a song for WINXYs so I feel the affection and it's a song that I wanna keep listening to.
Ella - I like Bewitched the most! The music style and performance reall appeals to me!
Dajeong - I like 'Still with me' because it's our first fan song that is a gift to our WINXYs.

You are called "concept idols", what do you think is your charm and your weapon in this growing industry?

We think our vocal tones show good distinction in style as well as personality and we think the harmonies of our vocals are what makes good music. Also, we think one of our strengths is our performance when the 6 of us are together!

Do you have any role models or artists you would love to work with?

We would like to have a collab with Ateez and Stray Kids. We wonder what kind of great performance we can do if we can collab! Also, we are wondering what it would be like if they dance to our choreography!

You are called PIXY, and you all look like fairies. But are you good or mischievous fairies?

So our universe shows that we are a little bit darker than the usual fairies. However, our end goal is to show us being conflicted in the good vs evil but in the end the be an influence of the good! So, I guess we are good fairies!?

You're out with your third album, you sing in English. What's next for PIXY?

If the current covid situation gets better, we wanna develop more and go anywhere to see our WINXYs!

Now let's play a game: if you are stuck in a fantasy world, which character would you like to be and which will be your strength?

We actually think it will be actually really fun for all of us to be witches that turn into fairies!

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