Rollon pushes on customization to overcome crisis
Rollon pushes on customization to overcome crisis
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Rollon pushes on customization to overcome crisis

The story of a "small multinational" based in Brianza and selling worldwide

by Nathania Zevi

Having a know how, knowing your job and how to do something that not everyone can, may be the solution, whether for people or enterprises, to overcome a moment of economic crisis and austerity.

This is the case of Rollon, a leading international linear motion manufacturer providing linear bearings and precision linear motion products involved in machine design applications across all industries.

It is not well-known to general public, but it is internationally popular among the insiders of this sector and competitors.

Rollon Group, headquartered in Italy (Vimercate, Brianza), with locations across Europe(France, Germany) and USA is a "small multinational" with more than 270 employees, which has grown up steadily despite market crisis.

The flagship of Rollon Group has merged at the beginning of 2012 with El.More and the company is now owned by private equity funds and global vision oriented leadership (the company is headed by Eraldo Bianchessi, CEO of the Rollon Group and Marco Pesenti, managing director for Italy.)

"We believe in our team - Marco Pesenti says-, and we have always invested a lot in human resources. During the 2009 crisis we decided to enhance formation training courses in order to prevent our employees from ending up in unemployment insurance. The experiment worked out so well that since then we have stuck to this management strategy. "

"Furthermore, thanks to the customization of products and the diversification of production, we have been able to obtain a relevant market niche with 80% of the turnover coming from exported goods," adds Bianchessi.

The biggest added value of Rollon is given by the ability to personalize and customize products according to the application so that the product becomes unique for each customer.

"All this allows us to be competitive with top companies such as Bosch, Nsh, Thk. You can find our linear guides in the Ferrero plants and at Louvre as well," Pesenti explains proudly.

"In 2011, we had a 50 billion euros turnover, and we expect to do the same this year becaue we are able to satisfy all sort of demands, providing linear bearing, actuators, linear motion products involved in machine design applications across all industries, including plant assembly, transportation, manufacturing and medical device," he underlines.

Rollon Group also focus on new  and up to date equipment, providing excellent production and fast delivery, 3 weeks at the latest from purchase order, trying this way  to be more competitive.

Beside the production of personalized products, Rollon is also developing a large-scale distribution of standard products, focusing in particular on emerging countries.

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