The unique taste of Sabadi’s chocolate in barriques
The unique taste of Sabadi’s chocolate in barriques
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The unique taste of Sabadi’s chocolate in barriques

The Italian company based in Sicily launches a new organic chocolate

The innovative Italian chocolate farm Sabadì has invented a new variety of organic chocolate, rested in barriques.

The technique involves two different moments: chocolate is set inside the barrel at the beginning as well as half way the working process. Although it takes more time, this procedure allows the absorption of all the aromas, conferring the product a exceptional taste.

The first trial started with a Marsala barrique but now Sabadì aims at broadening his variety including other liqueurs, becoming a world leader in chocolate production using barriques.

Worth mentioning is that Sabadì chose Modica, in Sicily, as his headquarters, going back to the traditional ways of processing chocolate, adding at the same time something new. In fact, Modica chocolate is known for being processed in a temperature inferior to 45 degrees. As a result, sugar grains are preserved as they are, along with all the scents. Moreover, there is no added cocoa butter so that the final product is less fat than many other of the kind.

Simone Sabaini - heart and mind the company - revealed that he moved from the North to the South of Italy looking for a different lifestyle, "less frenetic and devoted to the search of beauty and to the rediscovery of traditions". Sicily looked like the perfect place to do so and Modica as the exact venue to experiment a new kind of chocolate, linked to the local tradition.

According to Mr Sabadì, two details make his product so special. First, it stays shiny, compact and keeps the aromas. Second, its fine taste is connected with the absence of artificial flavours and with the use of a single kind of exclusive cocoa: the Nacional Fino de Aroma from Ecuador.

Chocolate lovers can enjoy Sabadì exclusive taste in a number of products, such as nougats, hot and raw chocolate and the traditional one.

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