The new Italian wines and vintners
The new Italian wines and vintners
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The new Italian wines and vintners

200 the names on the list, 46 the new entries and 3 the awarded ones

The 2016 edition of the the Italian Daily Corriere della Sera guide on "Italian Wines and Vintners" is now available on the market. It tells the story of 200 characters sharing a great passion for wine, whose selection was determined by Luigi Veronelli, a landmark of Italian enological critique.

The tone of the authors - Luciano Ferraro and Luca Gardini - is everything but judgemental, aiming at spotlighting the story behind wines labels.

The "new entries" on the list are 46, having a very diverse background. For instance, the broad range goes from the researcher on ancient history who has rediscovered an old wine and oil production site on Etna to the brothers famous for their Friuli Sauvignon. Furthermore, among the 46 we also find the woman who has invented the most expensive Merlot in Italy, along with the former manager who has founded the smallest DOC company in the Bel Paese.

With regard to the regional origin of the new vintners, it is worth mentioning that they are very representative of all parts of Italy, from North to South. Tuscany and Veneto have both provided 7, Friuli Venezia Giulia 5, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Sicily 4, 3 from Piedmont, 2 from Umbria, Puglia and Calabria. Lastly, Valle d'Aosta, Alto Adige, Lazio, Marche, Campania, Basilicata have given 1 each.

Three were the vintners awarded in Milan. The first is Beppe Rinaldi , awarded as "Vintner of the Year", intellectual and head of the namesake company in Barolo. Giovanni Neri, 23 years old  - grandson of the founder of the prestigious wine maison Montalcino Casanova di Neri - was awarded as "Young Vintner". Ultimately endowed for her innovative wit, Silvia Maestrelli was able to transfer the colours of Etna sky into wines.

Finally, the guide offers a detailed description of the wine, its producer and the company it refers to, without neglecting useful advices on how to keep the bottles.

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