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Matteo Renzi among the most influential decision makers

Foreign Policy praises the Italian Prime Minister as a leader who has taken risks, challenged norms, and demanded change

Together with Narendra Modi (Indian PM), Angela Merkel (German leader), Hassan Rouhani (Iran President), and a few others, Matteo Renzi has been included in Foreign Policy list of the most influential people for 2014.

Mr. Renzi is the only Italian of the ranking, and he has been described as the "post-Berlusconi 'Demolition Man,' ready to replace his country's sclerotic politics with business-friendly efficiency". Renzi's aim has been introduced as the one of getting "Italy's house in order and then use the country's enhanced credibility to take on the European Union's austerity policies". According to FPanalysts, "if he can hang onto his office, he may be the best hope to lift Italy out of its worst economic slump since 1930s."

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