Between fiction and reality: art vs mafia
Between fiction and reality: art vs mafia
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Between fiction and reality: art vs mafia

A great Italian movie against mafia set in an enchanting Sicily

Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza are the directors of the movie "Sicilian Ghost Story", a movie that opened Cannes Semaine de la Critique. It was the first time that such an event was opened by an Italian movie, which has been distributed by Bim in cinemas since May 18th.

Fabio and Antonio created something very unusual, depicting a never-seen-before Sicily, which appears as the crossroad between dream and reality. The subject of the film was inspired by the book The White Knight written by Marco Mancassola, edited by Giulio Einaudi Editor in the volume We won't be confused forever. It is a very fascinating movie, mixing different genres and subjects. For instance, the political outlook is accompanied by fantastic elements and a love story, which are bond together in a very spontaneous way, putting in evidence the ability of the directors.

With regard to the plot, the main characters are Giuseppe (13 years old) and Luna, one of Giuseppe's classmates who is in love with him. Luna's love is the main reason drivig the girl's persistence in not letting Giuseppe go, not even after he disappears. In order to find him, Luna is ready to go down to an obscure world, which has swallowed Giuseppe. Luna ends up using a lake as the mysterious way in to this world.

This film was devoted to the memory of Giuseppe Di Matteo, the young boy dissolved in acid by the Brusca's mafia clan. Although it stands out as a fairy tale, this movie wants to denounce mafia atrocities in Sicily.

The directors Fabio and Antonio are not new to cinema industry and nor to successful achievements. In fact, in 2013 their collaboration produced the film Salvo which won the Gran Prix of Cannes Semaine and the Revelation Prize at Cannes Festival proving their skills on the such a remarkable international platform like Cannes Festival.

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