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Xtribe: the first Geomarketplace at its users' hand

The perfect compromise between online and physical business to relaunch Italian SMEs

Mattia Sistigu is the founder of Xtribe, the app able to geolocates products and services provided by both individuals and companies around the area of the user. Xtribe is today considered as an Italian excellence in the world, presenting a +50% growing rate a year and more than 5000 shops in Milan, Rome, London and New York.

Despite the foreign giants of e-commerce – such as Amazon, Zalando and E-bay – Mattia managed to enter the market with his Xtribe and to encourage Italian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to sell online. "At the moment, only 5,1% of Italian SMEs is involved in e-commerce, which is a much lower rate compared to the European average of 14%", Mattia commented, making clear that e-commerce should not be considered as a panacea for SMEs but rather as an opportunity. While stressing the importance of generating a relationship grounded on trust between the customer and the company through the shop and the physical contact, Mattia has also made clear how important is to sell online for SMEs. A correct online strategy allows the company to reach the ideal target everywhere and autonomously, without any intermediaries.

"The first step to encourage the commerce – Mattia points out – is to fidelize the clients". Xtribe community is made up of 250.000 people who talk, chat and write each other every day. Mattia underlines how important is for people to get in touch: if the trust-relationship is built, people will tend to go back to that specific shop and this is essential.

Xtribe represents a compromise between online and physical business because it intervenes in both worlds. In fact, Xtribe significantly renovates the policy of the physical shop and transforms it into a digital store. More than 4.500 companies have chosen Xtribe to revolutionize their activity and expand their portfolio of clients. Mattia's invention is the first "Geomarketplace" leading users inside a new world rich in products and services close to them.

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