Modernising education in the EU: a challenge for Italy

Modernising education in the EU: a challenge for Italy

There are three areas in which European level support can help address new challenges ensuring quality education for all learners

The European Commission is deeply committed to ensure a high-quality education for all its members. It is a matter of fact that investing in education represents society investing in its people and its future. Accordingly, the Education and training 2020 (ET 2020) has been launched as a new framework to promote for cooperation in education and training.

There are three broad areas in which action is needed and where European level support can help address the above challenges ensuring quality education for all learners:

1) Developing better and more inclusive schools: the objective is to help schools innovate and develop towards high quality and inclusive learning environments where all learners can gain the key competences they need. The focus will be on new models of school organisation, including the co-operation with local partners, the use of digital technologies to enhance learning and improving quality in early childhood education and care.

2) Supporting teachers and school leaders: the objective is to achieve excellent teaching and learning by ensuring teachers and school leaders are well-trained and receive the support and recognition they deserve. The focus will be on encouraging collaboration among education professionals, helping them adapt and innovate their practice and making careers in teaching and school leadership more attractive.

3) Developing and re-focusing the governance of school education systems: the objective is to make school education systems more effective, equitable and efficient. The focus will be on quality assurance and the adequate and efficient use of school resources.

To make sure students at all levels develop the skills they need to enter the job market, European countries will receive new support to achieve four more goals: tackling future skills mismatches and promoting excellence in skills development; building inclusive and connected higher education systems; ensuring higher education institutions contribute to innovation; and supporting effective and efficient higher education systems.

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