Italy is ready to remold its strategic thinking
Italy is ready to remold its strategic thinking

Italy is ready to remold its strategic thinking

Supported by the Ministry of Defence, Global Outlook 2014 offers new tools to interpret international dynamics and scenarios

With its new publication "Global Outlook 2014" edited by the Italian Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, The Italian Ministry of Defence is back on track in the global attempt to formulate short-term predictions, scenarios and analytical hypothesis on the basis of current and past crucial events, indicators and warnings that have been identified in the last twelve months, successfully interpreting them with a new set of innovative tools.

Supported by the Italian Ministry of Defence and edited by Dr. Alessandro Politi, this publication aims to offer its readers the relevant pieces of information together with the instruments to interpret international dynamics and scenarios, as well as to monitor their evolutions. Among the geographic areas covered by the publication, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia are included, together with China, India, Russia and Turkey.

According to Dr. Politi, "This publication is a first for the Italian Defence Ministry since its foundation 69 years ago. Italy is now on par with very few countries, U.S. included, that have a yearly global strategic review of the international landscape and try to formulate politically relevant short-term predictions".

During the presentation of the Global Outlook 2014, Dr. Politi underlined that: "Italy, as practically every other country, is living in a world where the old leaderships and pecking orders have lost their past importance. It is thus obliged to adapt to a security in a no one's world and it cannot simply limit itself to the old Mediterranean and Middle Eastern framework with the support of NATO and the EU. It must redesign its security and defence policy". In fact, during his closing speech, Adm. Luigi Binelli-Mantelli, Italy's Chief of Defence, established an ideal link between the Global Outlook and the ongoing defence debate.

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