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Sda Bocconi School of Management launches "Netflix" for career development

An Italian experience based on high technology, flexibility and tailoring

Sda Bocconi School of Management has launched the new "Netflix" for career development. An innovative flexible initiative, organized both face-to-face and in distance learning, which is compatible with the busiest agendas of participants and with their needs.

This project is conceived for managers and it is based on high-technology and tailoring to help managers advancing in their career. In the first phase, managers will have to strategically plan their career evaluating their competences and professional experience. After that, they are called to identify the compatible opportunities with their profile and their ambitions in order to improve their time for employability and investing on the skills that really matter.

More specifically, the first path – Career Management – includes a check-up module for self-assessment, a CV tutorial and a one-to-one meeting with a career advisor. The CV tutorial is very relevant because it gives the participant an idea on how what competences experts look for in the recruitment process.

The second path - Leadership Coaching – is 100% tailored on the candidate. Coaching is an individual development process that helps achieving important professional goals, as well as to be organized, by means of a continuous partnership with a coach, who is an experienced manager.

The third path – Soft Skills – aims to develop fundamental skills for a manager, such as public speaking, decision making and negotiation abilities in order to provide the manager with the adequate tools to positively impact their interlocutors.

Last path – Training 1:1 – activates sessions of personal training on all themes of Sda Bocconi formative offer. This path is particularly adequate for all those people who need specific competences in short time or for those who want a personalized intensive support by an expert.

As a result, Sda Bocconi’s offer appears more and more similar to the offer of well-known platforms as Netflix, which is based on high technology and which is absolutely easy and flexible to use.

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