Italy experimenting online doctors with a new platform for mums

Italy experimenting online doctors with a new platform for mums

Quality data sheets online on the frequent pathologies affecting children

"Lo sai mamma?" (do you know mum?) is the new online service presented at Cosmofarma, the international pharmacy fair held in Bologna.

Italian mums, or broadly speaking Italian families, will have the chance to ask questions on the frequent pathologies affecting young children.

The service was launched by Federfarma Milano together with Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacologic Research and the Cultural Association of Paediatricians. It consists of 54 data sheets clearly illustrating the main children's pathologies. For instance, dermatitis, allergies, celiac disease, constipation and infections are all included.

This new platform responds to Federfarma's desire of making pharmacy a venue of communication and information. Furthermore, the easy access to reliable medical sources will hopefully limit the ongoing high level of misinformation circulating on the web.

Annarosa Racca, Ferderfarma's President, has proudly commented on the initiative as "a further service Italian pharmacies provide to the citizens", giving Italian mums the chance to benefit from the scientific knowledge of expert researchers in the field and paediatricians.

Also the Cultural Association of Paediatricians had something to say as well on "Lo sai mamma?". Federica Zanetto, paediatrician and president of the Association has defined the project as "effective in its informative purpose, essential and of great quality". In addition, she commented on the mums' involvement  in assessing  the data sheets, considering it very useful to evaluate the material in terms of comprehensibility and usability.

Last but not least, Antonio Clavenna, researcher on mother-child health at Mario Negri Institute, stressed the active role played by a group of mums in the project. In fact, they were chosen to formally assess the informative material before appearing online, highlighting the great importance the Institute gives to the involvement of citizens. Moreover, Mr. Clavenna stressed the significance of information to ensure a healthy growth of the child, from his birth and throughout his life.

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