Meet NA INWOO, the actor who was able to fit into his most challenging role in less than 24 hours
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Meet NA INWOO, the actor who was able to fit into his most challenging role in less than 24 hours

Like in a card game, NA INWOO was able to turn upside-down his life. By joining "River Where the Moon Rises" and replacing Jisoo in the leading role of On Dal, he became one of the most talked-about actors in the industry. Not only because he was able to turn what could have been a huge misfortune for KBS into a streak of luck but also because, in this role, NA INWOO was able to show his full potential as the main lead in a K-drama. He was in fact able to wear On Dal heavy clothes in less than 24 hours, with a transition from the previous actor so smooth that was praised all around the web. NA INWOO, whose real name is Na Jong-chan, is no longer a 26-year-old note-worthy rookie. He is ready for a new lead role in "The Jinx's Lover", a fantasy romance drama based on a popular webtoon about an unfortunate man and a cursed goddess.

While we'll wait for this new project to be aired, had an exclusive talk with him.

Can you introduce yourself to the Italian public?

«Hi, this is NA INWOO. It's nice to meet my fans in Italy. Although we are far apart, I'm glad and honored to talk to everyone».

You started acting in 2015, how did evolve your path while accepting a script and getting ready for a character?

«In my early 20s, I was mainly focused on how to express the character itself. In the present, I try to create an image of the character step by step first and then express the character».

Your first leading role came portraying On Dal on "River Where the Moon Rises". Can you tell us how you felt on your first leading role?

«I put my full effort into playing my role in "River Where the Moon Rises" based on my acting experiences, and I enjoyed filming the series. I want to take roles of more various characters in the future, and I will study harder to improve as an actor».

Which was the most difficult role you ever played?

«In fact, I would say every role is a new challenge. In my last series "River Where the Moon Rises", time management was the most difficult part because I didn't have enough time to prepare for it. I'm very grateful that many people still loved the series».

The pandemic changed a lot our lives. Who is NA INWOO right now?

«There is nothing that has changed in this pandemic because I'm such a homebody».

Italian fans are in love with you. Have you ever been to Italy?

«I've never been to Italy, but if I get a chance, I would love to visit Italy and try all those famous Italian dishes as much as I want. Especially tomato sauce!!»

We know you are very busy and we can't wait to watch more of you. Can you tell us something about your future plans?

«I'll be joining the series called "The Jinx's Lover"! I'm having fun filming it, so please look forward to it! I love you. Thank you».

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