Mirani, the queen of rap is ready to bring Korean hip-hop to the next level

Mirani, the queen of rap is ready to bring Korean hip-hop to the next level

When you hear her sing, you can feel the fire burning within her. Mirani grew to fame after taking part in the ninth season of the Korean hip-hop reality TV competition Show Me the Money. This 25 years-old singer is now one of the hottest Korean rappers. Her last work, Uptown Girl, is an album that mixes rap, r&b, and hip hop with her unique way of rapping.

Panorama.it had the chance to interview her.

Nice to have you here, Mirani! Can you introduce yourself to the Italian public?

Hi, this is Mirani! I’m so honored to say hello to my fans in Italy.

Your real name is Kim Yoonjin. What’s the meaning of Mirani?

I came up with that name while watching the cartoon series [Detective Conan]- there was a female character named Mirani, and I thought that name suited me.

You are back with new music, Lambo. Can you share with us how this song was born?

I wanted to write a song that is “dope” and “flex”. I thought it would be fun to liken myself to Lambo, as I’ve grown up so fast artistically. This song is the coolest one of mine, I think.

K-pop is conquering the world. Do you think K-hip hop will have the same impact on the music industry?

Sure I do! I will try harder to make K-hiphop more influential.

What does it mean to be a woman in the K-hip hop world?

There are not many female rappers. If I could give a little bit of hope and inspiration to future female rappers, that would mean a lot.

I’m always curious about the process of creating music. How does it work for you? Like... You are lying in bed, and Bam! An idea pops out, and you start writing? Or is there some particular condition you need to be inspired?

Creating music is like studying for me. I remain seated, keep listening to various songs and try to create something. That way, I can manage to produce a nice track. In addition, I prefer being alone when I work on music. I mostly work on my own.

You were a fashion student and your style is really unique. How do you combine music and fashion?

I always think that my music and my fashion should not be disparate. Music sounds better when it harmonizes with the artist’s visuals, style and behavior.

You debuted in 2020, one of the most challenging times ever. Do you have any advice for people who would love to pursue the same road as yours?

Even if you are in a bad situation, please don’t blame yourself as it’s not your fault. I want you to push your dreams to the end, regardless of the result! That experience would help you a lot when you try something different. I really hope you stay strong!

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