Why foreigners love Rome
Why foreigners love Rome
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Why foreigners love Rome

It is beautiful, affordable, easygoing and full of people always ready to take time out for a chat, a coffee, a drink, and a laugh

As the prestigious American Magazine International Living recently described it, Rome is a city with "3,000 years of culture, good food, and an appreciation of the finer things in life". That being said, the American magazine specialized in outstanding retirement suggestions also stressed that "today's Rome still bursts with excitement, romance, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, making it a great choice for retirees who appreciate convenience along with good food, great wine, and history."

Most of foreigners travel to Rome because they are attracted by the beauty of the country and its monuments. They are eager to see with their own eyes the beautiful Middle Ages and Renaissance monuments they were introduced to when they were at school. Beyond that, they want to experience the best things nature can offer: delicious food and drinks.

What International Living has realized after researching a lot on living costs and standards in Italy is that "though Rome is more expensive than other Italian destinations it's more affordable than [people] might think". According to them, "good-value real estate exists [there], too. For instance, you can find a two-bedroom apartment of 700 square feet in the historic center of town?"near galleries, the medieval St. Clement Basilica, and two large, public parks?"for $129,000. You'll also find good, affordable rentals in the same area, like a one-bedroom apartment in a restored historic building with a doorman for $980 a month. It's in easy distance to restaurants, galleries, and shopping".

Rome also offers a huge variety of dining experiences, from traditional pizzerie to Michelin-starred eateries. Options can range from $10 into the hundreds, to satisfy any taste and budget.

For American retirees Italian cities are attractive for another major reason: for those succeeding in becoming permanent residents, the county will guarantee the access to the extremely affordable (and reliable) national health service.

Last but not least, foreigners should not be afraid of moving to Italy even if they do not know anybody there: "There's no doubt that life is more easygoing in Italy than it is [in the US]... Italians always seem ready to take time out for a chat, a coffee, a drink, and a laugh."

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