Get married in Rome historic sites
Get married in Rome historic sites
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Get married in Rome historic sites

The splendours of Rome becoming the scenarios for exclusive civil marriages

Getting married among the everlasting beauties of Rome is a quite popular dream that might become true. Either you think about the Colosseum or the Imperial Fora,Domus Aurea or Villa Borghese, the eternal city stands as an amazing place where to celebrate an "unforgettable day" of many women's life.  Even more memorable if celebrated having a breath-taking location as background.

At the moment, those who are willing to have an uncommon location can get married in a few historically significant places. In particular, they are the Capitoline Red Hall, Lais Villa, at the Vignola Mattei complex and in the municipal buildings. In order to broaden this list, Fabrizio Panecaldo - group leader of the Democratic Party at the Italian Parliament - and Marta Leonori - Assessor for Commerce of Rome Municipality- have recently presented a new proposal concerning the regulation for the celebration of civil unions in historical sites.

The core gist of the regulation is to open up to new scenarios, giving the chance to many couples to celebrate a very special day surrounded by the magic of Rome landmarks. In order to be considered as such, the monuments will need to satisfy a number of requirements. In particular, the sites must have a historical, cultural or tourist relevance. Furthermore, they need to be open to the public and to have the adequate equipment and space to host a celebration, without any structural intervention. An annual call will then collect the applications, which will later be assessed by public authorities.

Undoubtedly, Rome seems ready to stands out more and more as a leading city, attracting people from all over the world. If tourists will have the option to plan their wedding in one of its outstanding beauties, there is a chance to see the city register a sharp increase in its annual tourists intake.

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