A Prehistoric Park in Tuscany
A Prehistoric Park in Tuscany
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A Prehistoric Park in Tuscany

This beautiful park hosts more than twenty replicas, including a nice volcano

On a land originally full of shells, strange footprints, fossilized remains, Erardo Ghironi, a former circus performance, and his family bought a house that was later developed in to a stunning prehistoric park.

To allow children to enjoy these little treasures of the past together with their friends, teachers and family, Mr Ghironi decided to rebuild this prehistoric itinerary in a way that could be both scientifically relevant and entertaining. In 1977 the Parco Preistorico was born on Peccioli.

Today this beautiful area hosts more than twenty replicas including a nice volcano that erupts coloured balls and full-scale reproduction of  Jurassic Brachiosaurus, the greatest dinosaur rebuilt in Europe. It also offers guided tours among lifelike models of dinosaurs, a playing area for children and welcoming zone for adults and families.

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