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Tikato: an Italian safe and convenient way to shop online

A new web platforms offering discount codes for free

Tikato is an Italian startup founded by Alberto Rasotto, Davide Baù, Andrea Boffo and Alberto Reghelin. In a few years only, the company became a leader in the field of online coupons in Italy. The eCommerce sector in Italy is definitely growing: in 2017, online purchases reached almost 24 billion Euros with 17% increase compared to the previous year.

Italians are fond of online shopping and in 2017 the web shoppers in Italy were about 22 millions, with a majority of millennials (54%), that is young people aged between 18 and 34 years old. This public is particularly interested in Tikato and its activities: the core business of the company is to create web platforms able to offer users discount codes for free.

Tikato's best shot is the website, which became the heaven of shopping maniacs. However, the platform is also kept into high consideration by all those people who want to buy in a secure and convenient way, but who do not have time to compare the best prices on different websites. The platform does this job for them: every day, there are about 6000 discount codes and offers coming from the partner shops active in the field of electronics, travels, beauty, fashion and much more. Big names of eCommerce are partners of, such as Amazon, Smartbox, BonPrix, Dalani, Booking and Privalia.

All sellers are previously checked by Tikato’s staff in order to grant safe prices and payments. The business is meant to increase since the eCommerce in Italy is constantly growing. In particular, purchases via smartphones and mobile devices are becoming very popular: more than 50% Italians use their smartphones or tables to buy online and this percentage goes up to 80% when considering millennials. On Tikato's platform, 53% purchases are made via smartphones, 41% via computer and only 6% via tablet. Last but not least, it is interesting to know that 53% shoppers are women.

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