The Italian Open Innovation Summit
The Italian Open Innovation Summit
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The Italian Open Innovation Summit

A pathway towards outstanding performances for Italian innovative companies

Digital Magics - the Italian business incubator quoted on the Italian stock exchange - is organizing the second edition of the Open Innovation Summit. The event will gather established Italian companies and many innovative startups at the Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino (Aosta), from June 30th until July 1st.

The Summit was conceived as a hub also involving all the big names in the Italian digital sector. Not only universities and research centres are included but also many investors, incubators, companies, talented individuals and new entrepreneurs. Some names belonging to the afore mentioned categories are: Cisco Italia, Club degli Investitori, Endeavor Italy, EY, Fastweb, growITup, Hub21, IBAN, Innogest, Italia Startup, Leonardo, LVenture Group and LUISS ENLABS, Nana Bianca, Oracle and PoliHub Startup District & Incubator.

All these actors will gather to assess the evolution of Italian innovative ecosystem. During the two days of the Summit, established companies will work closely with startups, exploring their world and practices. At the same time, hot themes discussed will also concern politics, investment and innovation in public sector, the Research and Development subcontracting in big companies, digital transformation, growth of Italian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the role of incubators.

The Open Innovation Summit also stands out a one of the eight appointments sponsored by GIOIN, Gasperini Italian Open Innovation Network. It is the first network of Italian companies who want to expand in the field of innovation thanks to new technologies proposed by startups. This network was conceived by Enrico Gasperini, founder of Digital Magics, who prematurely died in November 2015. Gasperini was an innovation pioneer and the network named after him offers companies access to specific information, training and sharing of best practices to access a wide range of support tools. These tools certainly work as new inputs to face new challenges and the need to be always innovative and effective many companies are confronted with.

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