The first online Festival dedicated to Small & Medium Enterprises
The first online Festival dedicated to Small & Medium Enterprises
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The first online Festival dedicated to Small & Medium Enterprises

Subscriptions for the first SMEs SuperSummit are open until the 30th of June

SuperSummit is back with a new and interesting idea. The young digital entrepreneur as well as public speaker and broadcaster Marco Montemagno is ready to launch his first "SMEs SuperSummit", an event dedicated to Small & Medium Enterprises (Piccole e Medie Imprese, PMI). The festival consists of a month (October, 2014) of online training sessions, seminars and conferences that address the most widespread issues across SMEs.

SuperSummit gathers over a hundred experts from different business areas, who will provide valuable hints on how to stir away from the crisis, to innovate and finally, to avoid common mistakes. Any company can subscribe and take active part in the festival, by streaming an informative session. This international web meeting is on-demand, for free and will be broadcasted live in several countries.

The festival is based on the idea of creating an online network of over 50 thousand professionals from all over the world. Companies trying to spread promotional material will see their interventions rejected. The sessions run by companies will need to constitute valuable resources with an informative approach to the SMEs world. During the one-hour long sessions and workshops, a live chat will be available to address any question.

"99% of European enterprises are SMEs. Most of them are family-run businesses, often encountering generational turnover, in need of a new structural design of administration practices. In the tough economic scenario of today, 50% of the SMEs shut down after 5 years and usually the causes of failures are common", states Mr Montemagno.

SMEs SuperSummit will address some of these widespread issues, such as where to find funds or how to create smart and cheap advertising material, which accounting practices are most time efficient, which are the risks worth taking and which not, what strategy to choose for positioning the products and how to value human capital and seek for talents. For those interested in joining the event, the booking formis available online.

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