SmartIsland: when innovation involves agriculture
SmartIsland: when innovation involves agriculture
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SmartIsland: when innovation involves agriculture

The ground-breaking contribution of a Sicilian stratup

SmartIsland is the new innovative startup based in Sicily (Italy) that develops high-tech products and services for agro-food industry.

The company was founded in Niscemi (Caltanissetta) and was launched with the support of the business incubator Digital Magics Palermo. The latter purchased 10% of SmartIsland's social capital and it is helping the company with services devoted to strategic and commercial development.

IoT (Internet of Things) technologies in the field of vision farming developed by SmartIsland are essential to monitor the well-being and the intake of different crops, such as citrus fruits, olive trees and vineyards, sending real time notifications on the farmers' smart devices.

The first project implemented by the Sicilian startup is Smart Farm, an informatics system using artificial intelligence for agriculture able to prevent diseases, water stress, virus and pests to plants. All this is possible by controlling, improving and automatizing the management of the entire productive cycle. A robot will analyse the soil and its micro-elements (such as phosphorous and nitrogen) becoming an innovative tool for observation of waters and soils, helping agro-food industries to reduce their efforts and investments to conduct analysis.

As recently declared by Maria Luisa Cinquerrui, SmartIsland founder and CEO, the agri-food world is more and more dynamic and wider: "there are about 2.5 billion people working in agriculture and about 570 million companies active all over the world", Mrs Cinquerrui declared. SmartIsland aims to apply the IoT technology to crops in order to sensibly improve some sensitive aspects of human life (job and health) with new innovative systems, such as Smart Farm.

Alessandro Arnetta confirmed that SmartIsland represents the perfect example of how innovation can create 4.0 industry also in a very traditional market, such as agriculture. Mr Arnetta is the founder and CEO of Factory Accademia and partner of Digital Magics Palermo.

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