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Bosch Rexroth launches the Factory of the Future

Why it is important to invest in people, machines and data

Bosch Rexroth was one of the protagonists of the international automation fair in Parma SPS/IPC/DRIVES Italia. At the fair – recently concluded in May 30th - Bosch Rexroth presented its vision of the "Factory of the Future", which is based on the following three pillars: people, machines and data.

During the last ten years, Bosch Rexroth has reframed its services assuring high levels of flexibility, tailoring and scalability. Within this vision, the Factory of the Future will have customized products, adaptable to several preferences, effective, with a briefer life and in a smaller quantity. Moreover, each component of the factory (robots, machines and people) will be able to gather and transfer data, transforming "big data" into "smart data", which improve security, effectiveness and quality.

In Parma, Bosch Rexroth presented innovating examples of systems characterizing the Factory of the Future. Among them, ActiveAssist, an intelligent system of assistance to assembly that drives the operators in each phase of the assembling process. Another great tool presented at the fair in Italy was Apas assistant, the new collaborative robot conceived to perform – in complete autonomy – monotone or potentially damaging activities.

Bosch Rexroth was among the outstanding protagonists of automation who all gathered in Parma for SPS/IPC/DRIVES Italia. The 8th edition of the fair welcomed 35.188 visitors (6% more compared to last year) and more than 800 standees in 5 pavilions. Born out of its German sister - SPS IPC DRIVES – which has been Europe greatest fair of industrial automation, SPS Italia is fuelled by an exceptional Advisory Panel made up of very active companies. SPS is also triggered by a Scientific Committee composed by automation leaders, final users and manufacturers of machines coming from the most productive areas of Italy.

The 9th edition of the fair is already scheduled for next year always in Parma; more precisely from May 28th until May 30th.

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