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The Complex World of HUI

PENTAGON’s leader embarks on his solo adventure and talks about it in an interview with

After eight years of serving as the charismatic leader and main vocalist of PENTAGON, HUI, whose real name is Lee Hoe-taek, has taken a bold leap into solo artistry. Known for his powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence within the group, HUI's solo debut marks a significant moment in his musical journey.

HUI's dedication to his solo venture is evident, as he has wholeheartedly immersed himself in the creative process since November. The EP, titled "WHU IS ME: Complex," encapsulates the essence of HUI's identity, with the term "complex" serving as a key to understanding the various facets of his personality and artistic expression.

The EP features a diverse range of tracks, showcasing HUI's versatility as a singer and songwriter. Leading the charge is the infectious and upbeat dance number, "Hmm BOP," which sets the tone for the entire album. As fans delve into the four tracks that make up the EP, they'll experience a musical journey that goes beyond the familiar sound of PENTAGON, delving into the intricate layers that define HUI as an individual artist.

Collaboration plays a pivotal role in "WHU IS ME: Complex," one notable feature is HUI's partnership with fellow PENTAGON member WOOSEOK. The synergy between these talented artists adds an extra dimension to the EP, creating a unique blend of voices and styles.

HUI, born on August 28, 1993, in Gwacheon, South Korea, has not only proven himself as a remarkable vocalist and leader but also as a skilled composer and lyricist. His contributions to PENTAGON's discography have been widely praised, and now, with his solo debut, he steps into the spotlight to share more of his artistry with fans worldwide. spoke with him.

Nice to see you again, HUI. How have you been?

I was working out and preparing for a new album. I also chatted with UNIVERSE about a variety of interesting topics.

It’s the beginning of the year, and we are starting with your first mini-album, “WHU IS ME: Complex”. Can you tell us something more about it?

'WHU IS ME: Complex’ is my first solo album, and it shows the honest part of HUI as an artist. Since this is my first album, I selected bold colors and concepts.

I like that you chose the word “complex” in the first chapter. It’s very mature and real. What is “complex” from your point of view?

When I tried to describe HUI and HOETAEK LEE several words came to me. 'Complex' was the best term to define me among many because it affected and motivated me the most. 'Complex' brought me to struggle, but when I look back, it was motivation to work harder and practice more.

And then a curiosity: why “whu”?

There are two meanings: Who is me?, which means who am I, and wHU Is me, which means HUI is me. It contains the definition of me and the message, ‘I am a person itself’.

Four songs, the title track is called '흠뻑' (Hmm BOP). What kind of song is it?

The title song, "Hmm BOP", is a song with an exciting beat and interesting lyrics. There are moments when someone next to me sets my limits and says things that make me feel insecure, and this song is a message to those people: "'Get off the limit made by the world, love and be overwhelmed with yourself and get crazy.'"

And then we have three other tracks. Can you walk us through them?

The 2nd track, “MELO”, is a song that expresses the beautiful love in front of a pastel-colored beach with mellow and warm lyrics. The 3rd track, “COLD KILLER”, is a song with the message "Let's get out of the cyber world and find the real me," and powerful HUI's and sharp vocals. The 4th track, “A Song From A Dream”, is willing to send out hope and courage to all who fear and worry during difficult times, like how it always Spring returns after frosty Winter. You can check the chemistry between me and our PENTAGON member WOOSEOK.

How was working on your first solo mini album? Which was the most challenging part? And the funniest one?

I believe the first thing I considered was what type of music would be best for myself and our UNIVERSE. It was my first solo album, so I was nervous but at the same time It was great to go through numerous trials and errors, but there were times when it was challenging. However, once I began working on the album, I realized that I had these qualities while experimenting with numerous concepts and styling. I was so pleased and thrilled to discover myself while exploring different concepts and styling.

PENTAGON is a huge part of your life as an artist, and for your first mini album, WOOSEOK is featured in some of your tracks. How was working with the two of you on a new and different project?

WOOSEOK and I have been and will continue to be musical partners for a long time. I believe that when I'm with WOOSEOK, we have a strong and positive synergy as a younger brother and musical partner who fills in the gaps. It's always a pleasure to work with WOOSEOK.

I have a signature question: if you have to describe yourself in one word, right here right now, without overthinking it… which would it be?

I would say Quokka. I believe UNIVERSE likes not only my chic and mature side but also my cute side. Like a quokka, I hope to be an outstanding artist with charisma and maturity in a cute way.

Who is HUI now?

I still feel like a toddler. I discovered many things to learn and improve on while working on this album, and I believe there will be many more to learn. I want to be a person who enjoys and strives for every moment like the first time.

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