Growing up with EunJi

The first word that comes to mind when you have to describe Jeong EunJi is “sweet”. The second one is “powerful”. The third one? A “charm”. Born in 1993, EunJi is what you can define as a multifaceted artist. Not only because she’s a member of the girls group Apink, but she’s also a solo singer and an actress (just to mention one of her last works: the K- drama Blind, where she stars as Jo Eun Ki with 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon).

Eunji released her first remake album, Log, on November 11. Previously scheduled for release on November 2nd, it was postponed in observance of the national mourning period after the disaster that happened in Itaewon during the Halloween festivities.

Log is Eunji’s first solo release in two years, after Simple in 2020. We had a talk with her to explore Log from her point of view.

Nice to meet you EunJi, can you please introduce yourself to the Italian public?

Hello Italian fans! I'm Jeong EunJi, and I’m greeting you with my first remake album :)

Let's talk about [Log]. What kind of album is this?

"Log" is an album that's like a promise to me. I promised my fans that I would release a remake album when I turn 30; this was a good opportunity. Log is a remake album in which I worked hard to reinterpret meaningful songs of my life and contain my story like it’s a “recording” of these years.

You talked about your growth as a woman and an artist. Which was the most challenging time for you?

I've been through until today, but I haven't lived tomorrow yet, so every moment feels like a new challenge.

If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, which would it be?

I should try to remember things a little more carefully.

Can we analyze the song you choose, one by one, starting with ‘Journey For Myself’ and wrapping up with ‘About Thirty’?

"Journey For Myself" – I listened to it on cassette tapes when I was young It's a song that reminds me of a younger Jung EunJi. I think the emotions that come to mind now are more diverse than when I listened to it when I was young.
"Blue Whale" - It's a song that I listened to a lot and found comfort in when I was tired and exhausted while working.
"Dream" – I often get emotional whenever I sing this song because of the emptiness I feel in my dream and reality
"For Love" – When I was young, I played this song on the piano, and it reminded me of the proud look on my mother's face, so it's like an unforgettable gift for me
"About Thirty" - I made a promise to my fans that I would release a remake album at the age of 30, and the fans kept remembering the promise. I want to express my gratitude and thanks for letting me keep the promise despite the mixed emotions.

If you could choose a flower, a scent, and a word to describe yourself through your younger age, teenage and now, which would you choose?

- If I were to express my childhood with flowers... I think it was a yellow flower. I don't know what kind of flower it is.
- If I were to express my youth as a scent, I think it would be a grassy scent. When I think about that time, I think it was really green, but it is still the same now!
- To describe the present in words, I think it's a memory. I tend to chew on memories a lot, but this album is an album that reminds me of memories even more.

Who is EunJi now?

Right now, Jeong EunJi is just a person who lives today. After some busy days, I think I'll be thinking about tomorrow again!

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