GOT7 is back: «It's like a dream»
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GOT7 is back: «It's like a dream»

«We wanted to come back as GOT7 after JYP days, and thought that rebranding is needed. During this process, I think my self-esteem and confidence went up and drove me to properly rebrand and put out a great quality of work that we are proud of». JAY B, the leader of GOT7, doesn't hide their past, but looking forward to a bright future as a group, speaks openly about the not-so-paved road they had to walk after leaving the company they debuted with.

It's a brand new era for the group. Today, Mark, JAY B, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom unveiled the much-awaited and anticipated album - called GOT7 - under Warner Music Korea. The first album - but not the only one and BamBam remarked multiple times - will be released in the future by the group. Despite all of them having brilliant careers as solo artists, being part of GOT7 is like living in a family. No matter what. Friendship and Ahgase, the group fandom, are two of the magic ingredients of this perfect glue to let the boys stick together.

After two days of Homecoming, with a hybrid fancon show that lasted 4 hours and saw the members playing with each other, interacting with the fandom in real life after so much time and a green see of Ahgabomb, the new album was revealed today during a press conference that was a breath of fresh air in the K-pop music industry.

GOT7 is a gem that can't miss in a K-pop lover's collection. Six tracks, each containing the members' imprint, for an album, green as the color that symbolizes the group's official fandom IGOT7 since the beginning. Talking about the album, Mark revealed that they were «prepping this since last year. We had this feeling of coming back, so I'm happy that it finally happened». A feeling shared with the members, as Jackson stated. «It wasn't easy,» he said, «but I'm so happy that it finally happened». Also, Jinyoung highlighted how «As Mark mentioned, we prepped and waited for this comeback. I'm happy that finally, it happened. We were seeing each other and always talked about when this would happen. Happy that it's finally out». While Youngjae thanked the Ahgase, «I appreciate that the fans have waited for us. It was good to engage with the last two days. The album is finally coming out, so I'm excited,» both Yugyeom and BamBam underlined the importance of them being seven as one. «It was a time for us to realize that 7 of us needed to be together,» said BamBam, echoed by Yugyeom, that shared his happiness on being «back as 7». The leader of the group, JAY B, took the time to thank all the management involved in the project and Warner Music for making this comeback happen. «It feels like a dream,» he said, «We had a plan, but making this happen... it feels like a dream».
As all the members said during the press conference today, the one released today is the most GOT7-like album. «The looks. The music,» said Jinyoung, «GOT7 shined the most on stage when JAY B produced. So this album represents that». As Def. JAY B is credited on three out f the six tracks, including the title track NANANA. While vocalist, Youngjae contributed to "Drive Me To The Moon", Yugyeom wrote and composed "Two" and teamed up with Jinyoung on "Don't Care About Me". But let's see, all the songs included in the album through the members' eyes.

Truth is the first track of the album. Written by JAY B, who said, «we have many different sides of us . Sometimes fun, sometimes sharp with the performances. So when I was prepping for this album, I made sure to keep that in mind. For this one, I thought of doing a sharp choreography with this track. But instead of doing 'hard', we wanted to be a bit more relaxed». Drive To The Moon - which is already one of the fan-favorite based on the amount of tweet about it, was written by Youngjae. «I love using a moon reference,» he explained. «It's hard to get to the moon, but I believe with our Ahgases I can get there. For me, moon has many different formats. It represents changes which is similar to people and life. So I get inspired by moon». The third track is NANANA. Being the title track of this comeback, it's a statement song «made for the fans,» JAY B revealed. «The people that make them happy and be a healing for them. We want to be that people and be there for themthem. GOT7 album, it really represents our appreciation to the fans. It's no different from being called IGOT7». Yugyeom defined NANANA as «the most GOT7-like track,» while Jackson said that the song «being so GOT 7» reminded him to go «Thursday and Page, where we have so much fun on stage. So it reminded that». Two is the fourth track. Yugyeom said, «We usually sing in hightones, but for this one, the vocal tones are quite low which is good to show a desperation in love». Then we have Don't Care About Me. «When I heard this track, I thought it would fit so well with Yugyeom, I wanted to see him dance to this,» said Jinyoung. «So I called him right away to work on this track. I wanted to give a comfort to our fans, making sure that they have nothing to worry about». Last but not least is Don't Leave Me Alone, another production by Def. «The song was written a long time ago,» said JAY B revealing that «this was based on sentimental feelings I had. It has evolved onto the feeling for our fans now. We wanted to comfort our fans. We will always be back for them as long as they wait for us».

GOT7 is a non-skip masterpiece and proves that GOT7 still are an icon in the K-pop music industry; it also is GOT7's first physical release in a year and a half since Breath of Love: Last Piece. For the past year, after departing JYP Entertainment in 2021, the members have been very active in each of their solo careers in music, acting, music, and more, which escalated the fans' excitement when the group's reunion was announced and confirmed.

Just a few days ago, GOT7 made history as all the seven members reportedly received trademark rights of all their discography. Leader JAY B previously moved trademark rights for the group to his label. This includes all the album production, light sticks, live performances, etc. Then, he shared the ownership with his fellow members. «Jung Wook from JYP helped a lot during this process,» he candidly explained. «Even our lawyer said it is not this easy, so I thank him for that. I could've done this process through a third party, but I just wanted to do it myself, talking and getting a signature from each member. During this process, I learned that it was not the easiest process, but it made me appreciate the companies and staff who are working with artists and brands. Same for the units, thanks to JYP, it was able to happen».

Despite not being able to promise to be as active as before, the group confirmed the intention to keep working as GOT7 and their solo careers. «We want to show the variety of GOT7,» said JAY B. «It'll be cool to have a festival-like show once in 2-3 years». «We promised our fans that we won't be goin' anywhere,» BamBam concluded, «this album has a construction theme. Representing a new house, a new beginning of us».

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