Golden Child's heart beats at the rhythm of «Ra Pam Pam»

Golden Child's heart beats at the rhythm of «Ra Pam Pam»

Golden Child are indeed one of the most interesting groups in the K-pop industry. Born under Woollim Entertainment, the group currently consists of ten members: Daeyeol, Y, Jangjun, Tag, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, and Bomin. Their new single «Ra Pam Pam» marks the release of their second full-length album, GAME CHANGER which contains Golden Child's ambition to play a decisive role in turning the music scene upside down, and includes 11 songs from various genres,

Golden child went further, ranking second in the World Digital Song Sales Chart on Billboard, listed right after BTS. This ranking clearly manifested the rising global popularity of Golden Child. K-pop fans worldwide are impressed by this result and have begun to recognize this talented group as the new rising star of K-pop. Just like fans saying they are «Breaking the records». talked with them in exclusive.

Welcome back, guys. Your song «Ra Pam Pam» has already reached 31M views on youtube and it's for sure one of the songs of the summer. How would you describe this track?

Y - It seems like we have to work harder to become a real summer song! Ra Pam Pam is a song that can make your heartbeat and give you hope in these difficult times.
Dong Hyeon - The title song of the 2nd regular album, Ra Pam Pam, expresses the sound of the heart beating in the onomatopoeic word Ra Pam Pam. It also contains a message to give hope to many people in this difficult situation.

«Ra Pam Pam» music video is like a short movie. It remembered me of a movie called Armageddon but also of a tv show called The 100. What is the idea behind it?

Dae Yeol - As a leader, I tried to show my efforts for the members in the music video, and I think it means that the 10 of us will become one as the 2nd oldest, Seongyoon, fills in my weaknesses. And also, we tried to deliver a hopeful message to many people in the music video.
Jae Hyun - We tried to express a ray of light for everyone in a difficult time.

Seungmin, on Weekly Idol you told everyone that you saw a ghost on the set of the MV. Can you recall with us that moment?

Seung Min - The music video set was an abandoned building, but when I used an application to put a filter on the air, a person's face was recognized, and it was very creepy because there was no one there.

Your album is called Game Changer, why did you choose this name?

Jang Jun - I's our second regular album, and I'm confident that we can change the K-pop chart.
Ji Beom - We chose the Game Changer to express our ambition to change the game in the music industry.

Daeyeol, in the album there is your first solo track, Out of the Window. Can you tell us more about this track?

Dae Yeol - Out of the Window is a ballad song that you can listen to comfortably and miss the memories while looking out the window! I think my pure vocals and the lyrics would remind people of the memories, and the melody goes together.

Guys, we'd like to know which is your favorite thing about this album. We can clearly see and hear you are willing to make a change in the K-pop music industry with this album. What do you think it's your strength?

Joo Chan - I think the positive energy and smiling is a good strength.
Dong Hyun - I think Golden Child's strength is that we are good at performing, but I believe each of our member's voices is attractive. I think it's our biggest strength to perform live while dancing.

In Italy is pretty popular a song called Loca, by a singer called Aka7ven which features a repeated Ra Pam Pam in the lyrics. While the genre is totally different, I found it exciting seeing the difference of meaning in the two songs. Can you tell us more about this addictive onomatopoeic sound you choose for your come back?

Seung Min - By using the lyric, Ra Pam Pam, not only can you feel addicted to the song, but I think Ra Pam Pam's meaning is an onomatopoeia of the sound of the heart beating, and itis written to convey a hopeful message and along we tried to express that we are still passionate.
Joo Chan - The word Ra pam pam is very catchy, and it means the sound of the heart beating, which means that it will make the heartbeat stronger even though we are going through a hard time.

Have you ever been to Italy? Goldenness are waiting for you here. Do you have a message for them?

TAG - I haven't been to Italy. When the Pandemic situation gets better, I would like to visit Italy to meet our Italian fans, so please wait a little bit! Thank you.
Bo Min - Not yet, I haven't been to Italy, But I always think Italy is a country I would really like to visit. I watch a lot of travel videos! I want to go to Italy, but most of all, I want to meet Goldenness in Italy as soon as possible.

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