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Meet the most empowering girl group in K-pop: EVERGLOW

Exclusive interview with the k-pop performance queens. The sextet is back after a two years hiatus with a new album and a title track, SLAY, which is the anthem for all the woman in the world

After a hiatus of 1 year and eight months, EVERGLOW has returned with their 4th single album, "ALL MY GIRLS," sending ripples of excitement through the K-pop community. This album not only signifies their highly anticipated comeback but also carries a message of empowerment for girls who have felt confined by societal norms. With this release, EVERGLOW aims to assert their musicality and become a beacon of inspiration for women of this generation.

Formed under Yue Hua Entertainment Korea, EVERGLOW comprises six extraordinary members: E:U, SIHYEON, MIA, ONDA, AISHA, and YIREN. Their impact on the K-pop landscape is undeniable, with four of their music videos surpassing 100 million views on YouTube and four songs boasting over 100 million streams on Spotify. Since their debut in 2019, EVERGLOW has earned accolades such as the Best Music Video Award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards for their hit "First" and the prestigious Post Generation Award at the 2022 Hanteo Music Awards.

"ALL MY GIRLS" is more than just an album for EVERGLOW; it's a statement of empowerment. The title track, "SLAY," is an electronic hip-hop/pop anthem that exudes strength with powerful drums and an infectious, repetitive melody. The song showcases the members' commanding vocals and lyrics that reflect their unwavering ambition. Choreographed by the talented Jo Nain, the performance for "SLAY" solidifies EVERGLOW's reputation as true "performance queens" in the K-pop scene.

In "ALL MY GIRLS," EVERGLOW displays a remarkable range of musical styles. "Oh Ma Ma God," the second track, is a mid-tempo pop/R&B piece that captures the sentiments of a girl grappling with the complexities of love. It showcases the group's versatility and ability to convey emotions through their music. The final track, "Make Me Feel," is a subtle blend of acoustic guitar and synth sounds, exploring the fear of losing a lover due to the overwhelming nature of their affection. Notably, this track was co-composed by Grammy Award-winning composers, a testament to EVERGLOW's growing international influence.

The members of EVERGLOW express their gratitude to their devoted fanbase, FOREVER, for patiently awaiting their return. AISHA, one of the group's talented members, shared, "It's a comeback we've all been waiting for. Thank you, FOREVER, for waiting, and we want to repay your love with great performances!" This heartfelt message exemplifies the strong bond between EVERGLOW and their dedicated fans.

Panorama.it interviewed them.

Girls welcome back. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

E:U: Hello, this is E:U of EVERGLOW.

SIHYEON: Hi, I'm the leader of EVERGLOW, SIHYEON.

MIA: Hello! I'm MIA of EVERGLOW.


AISHA: Hello, This is AISHA of EVERGLOW. Thank you for waiting for our comeback!

YIREN: Hello, this is YIREN of EVERGLOW.

Many FOREVERs were waiting for you to be back. How does it feel?

SIHYEON: I'm incredibly happy. I've been eagerly waiting for this comeback for a long time, and seeing the positive response from our fans makes me feel satisfied. It motivates me to work even harder. Thank you for waiting for us, FOREVERs!

ONDA: We are extremely grateful and happy to come back after such a long wait. We wish to make more cherished moments with our wonderful FOREVERs.

Let's start by talking about SLAY. What kind of song is it?

E:U: The title track, "SLAY" is an electronic hip-hop pop genre that features a powerful beat and dynamic performance, showcasing EVERGLOW's distinctive style.

How did you feel when you first heard it?

SIHYEON: As soon as I first heard "SLAY," I just loved it. It sparked ideas for the performance, and even the choreography draft was so great that I couldn't wait to show it to the world. I felt confident about the song.

AISHA: My first impression of the song was that it was very powerful. Also, I really looked forward to the performance that would accompany the song and did research on what kind of performance we should deliver. I'm very glad that it became EVERGLOW's song.

You are well-known to be hitmakers. SLAY feels like a hymn. If you could send a message to FOREVERs which would it be?

E:U: I hope to send the message of this song to all the girls who may be feeling confined and unable to express themselves within the norms of society. My wish is for everyone to find the courage to express their emotions and live confidently.

SIHYEON: Just like the message conveyed in the album, I hope that all women and people in the world will maintain their confidence and break free from the constraints imposed by society to chart their own unique paths. We aim to embody this message through our stage performances as well.

There are a few quotes from SLAY that come out really powerful: let's start with "crazy sexy cool". In your group who is the crazy, who is the sexy, and who is the cool one?

SIHYEON: MIA is the crazy one, AISHA is the sexy one, and E:U is the cool one. They are slaying the performance with their unique charms.

MIA: I think all of us are crazy, sexy, and cool! But if I had to choose, SIHYEON would be the crazy one, MIA is the sexy one, and E:U is the cool one. SIHYEON's incredible vocal skills, MIA's sexy dance moves, and E: U's cool facial expressions really stand out!

Another sentence is: we are born to break the rules. Which rules have you broken and what would you like to share as a groundbreaking K-pop girl group?

MIA: When I was a trainee and was on a diet, I just couldn't resist the temptation of eating so I would run to the convenience store, eat everything I wanted to eat, and come back and tell the company personnel that I was strict with my diet. As for the message we want to send as a K-pop girl group, I want to tell others to live their life confidently and boldly. When you constantly worry about what others think and hold back, you miss out on so many enjoyable experiences in life. If you worry too much, in the end, you're the one who suffers the most. So, we want to encourage everyone to live life on their own terms without being overly concerned about others' opinions.

AISHA: Instead of being confined by limitations, I hope others can confidently walk the path that they pursue.

We have two other songs: Oh Ma Ma God. The vibe is totally different. What kind of message did you want to send through this song?

AISHA: Actually, I really wanted to showcase a different vibe from "SLAY" in the other song and demonstrate that EVERGLOW can excel in various music genres!

ONDA: Throughout our extended hiatus we really missed our fans. "Oh Ma Ma God" is a track that expresses a deep sense of affection, and we wanted to share this feeling with our dedicated FOREVERs.

And then we have Make Me Feel. The song is very dreamy and lovely. Can you tell us more?

MIA: This song sings about the feeling of loving someone too much that you fear losing your lover.

This comeback comes after a year and a half from your last album. You are constantly pushing K-pop musicality with your songs. What's the process behind creating them as a group?

ONDA: First, when the song has been created, we receive the lyrics for the song. Once the lyrics are finalized, we move on to the recording phase. If choreography is required for the performance, we work on that as well, either simultaneously or after the recording. However, one of the most crucial aspects is researching and brainstorming on how to capture and convey the essence of the song effectively.

YIREN: The concept for our comeback is typically finalized by the company. When we start working on the album, we prepare ourselves to create our unique color with that concept.

As EVERGLOW which is the most memorable memory you have?

YIREN: It is a recent memory where our fans gave us a big cheer. It had been some time since we made a comeback and even longer since we performed alongside FOREVERs for a music show, but the enthusiastic cheering was truly heartwarming and motivating! Thanks to the support, we were able to film our performance smoothly, even when it was done very early in the morning.

AISHA: I distinctly recall the moment I first met FOREVERs. Knowing that there are so many people who love and support me is a constant source of gratitude and motivation. It pushes me to continuously work on becoming a better version of myself.

One last question: who are EVERGLOW now?

E:U: Our goal has always been to connect with the audience through catchy songs and captivating performances. We aim to be a group that leaves a lasting impression on people for the unique music and style that EVERGLOW brings to the table.

YIREN: EVERGLOW is like a rare seed that hasn't fully bloomed yet. There are many aspects of our group that are yet to be revealed and there is a lot of room for growth in the future. So stay tuned to what EVERGLOW has to offer, even after the promotion of "SLAY."

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