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Ferrari opens first Italian geothermal museum in Modena

The building features special thermo-sensors that decrease energy use

by Nathania Zevi

Leading Italian luxury carmaker Ferrari has opened a new museum right where the founder of the brand Enzo Ferrari was born.

Named Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, the structure -  covered with a yellow roof that resembles that of a sports car -  is located in Modena, in a 19th century house that was built by Enzo's father.

The 5,200 square meters museum is built over two levels and is totally eco friendly.

As Italy's first geothermal museum, the building has special thermo-sensors that decrease energy use as cool air circulates during the summer.

The new museum has been designed by Future Systems and Shiro Studio.

Dedicated to Enzo, the design of the space is on a futuristic note.

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