Panorama Academy: the bridge to made in Italy
Panorama Academy: the bridge to made in Italy

Panorama Academy: the bridge to made in Italy

Online courses to train excellent professionals

Panorama Academy is the new program launched by Mondadori, the well-known publishing house with a heart for knowledge and education. Everything started with the idea of creating a new online university aimed at training new professionals as well as enriching all those who want to acquire new tools and methods to enter the job market.

Within this framework, the Pegaso Online University and Panorama have created the first Academia of made in Italy entirely on the web. Academia stands as an open school of excellence, fast but complete at the same time. It offers a great variety of Masters for graduates and high-ranked vocational courses for undergraduates.

The subjects are very interesting and they range from art (providing a solid background on the Italian cultural heritage) and tourism (centred on online strategic marketing so as on touristic companies management) to enogastronomy (focused on taste and creativity but also on hospitality management), fashion (equipping the students with all the required competences on products creation and promotion) and business (dedicated to new managers, their entrepreneurial projects and funds detecting).

Furthermore, famous Italian characters are involved in sponsoring this initiative, such as Vittorio Sgarbi (art historian and critic), Alessandro Cecchi Paone (TV show man and journalist) and Fernando Napolitano (businessman and CEO of the Italian Business & Investment Initiative).

So far, Academia has had a positive impact on all those foreigners who have a limited knowledge of Italy, its language and culture. It gave them the possibility to broaden their horizons and delving into the made in Italy, comfortably from home via PC. Following this path, it would be even better if this easy system that connects people to Italian culture online could be accessible to those who do not know Italian. As a matter of fact, courses held in English could be a starting point to foster "Italianess" abroad.

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